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October 29, 2020: This Halloween, Play With The Zombies!

Light up those Jack o' Lanterns and get ready to game with us as the full, blue moon rises and the year wanes. This Thursday through Saturday, October 29-31, we are unleashing our Zombie Dice game on Tabletopia for open play. Anyone with this link may access our newly created online version of Zombie Dice and play with friends (or enemies – you do you).


This is the first of our non-RPG products to be converted to an online table-top format, but it won't be the last. We are interested in feedback on your gameplay experience so we can learn and improve as we expand into this new gaming space. If you have comments, pro or con, please email them to licensing@sjgames.com. If you're having too much fun playing and eating candy, that's fine, too.

Speaking of fun spooky games, we also have a special Halloween map available for Deadly Doodles, and it's free to download. Print as many as you like! Keep your little (or even big) ghosts and witches occupied trying to outguess each other's moves. Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy Halloween!

-- Alain H. Dawson

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