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October 17, 2020: Meet The Death Robot Jungle RPG


I'm not even quite sure where to begin. I stumbled across a new roleplaying game that stands out as a creative effort that marries a few of the things I enjoy in a strange new way.

From the official product page comes this description that spells it out as clearly as possible:

From the outside, it looks like a regular record. But, once you open it, it doubles up as a GM screen with a description of the setting and a psych-map illustrated by Jason Bradley Thompson (Hot Springs Island, D&D walkthroughs).

Yes, this is a vinyl record that doubles as a roleplaying game. Considering how many hours of the day I spend playing records while working on games, there was no way that I could resist taking a closer look at the idea. I was soon delighted to learn that not only is it a fabulous concept, but the music is also fun!

Check out this sample track, and then order a copy of Death Robot Jungle for your RPG collection. This is one fun work of art!

-- Phil Reed

P.S. The game/album is offered as an add-on in this Kickstarter campaign that launched a few days ago.

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