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October 20, 2020: New Dice Now On Indiegogo!


We've made several dice sets over the last few years (find our dice at Warehouse 23!) and now we're going to try something a little different: Bringing you in at the earliest stage of the dice creation process!

Join in the Candy Heart d6 Dice Set on Indiegogo today and follow along as we take this set of three 19mm resin dice from design drawings to the finished dice that you can roll in your favorite game! Unlike many of our earlier dice releases, this time around we're bringing you in at the very beginning of the process. At the moment, all we have are the design drawings and digital mockups of the dice. If this project is successful, then we will work with the factory to create the molds and produce the dice needed to fulfill the rewards.

Visit the Indiegogo page today to join us in this new dice journey!

-- Phil Reed

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