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Combine Ogre Mk. IV side profile

A side view, painted by Richard Kerr.

Combine Ogre Mk. IV digital profile

An image from the STL file. You can compare the detail between the computer and the cast versions.

Rear hull detail scan

Here is a close-up of the rear hull.

Rear hull detail

. . . And the digital version.


Here are the pieces that make up the Mk. IV.

Transparent Missile Rack

The details of the missile rack are hard to capture. Here's a more clear view, courtesy of the digital files.


Combine Ogre Mk. IV

In 2074, the Combine was flush with the success of the largest cybertank to date, the Ogre Mk. III. Designers were tasked with building a bigger, better Ogre. Rather than build one unit to do everything, they designed two: the Mk. V for short-range, high-intensity exchanges, and the Mk. IV for fast strike, long-range power.

The Ogre Mk. IV carries a single main gun, and a pair of secondaries. However, its primary weapons are the three missile racks mounted in the rear, loaded with 5 missiles each. In addition, it moves faster than any other unit, short of a GEV – a full 4 hexes (8") per turn. A certain amount of durability was sacrificed to achieve such speeds though; this cybertank has only 56 tread units. The Ogre Mk. IV adds 150 points to your army.

This figure was sculpted digitally by Richard Kerr, who also painted the images on the left and below.

The Ogre Mk. IV is only available through Warehouse 23.

Price $34.95 * Stock number 10-0105
Out Of PrintClick here for dealer info

Also available is the Ogre Mk. IV Repair Kit.



The Ogre Mk. IV may be substituted for an Ogre Mk. V in the Advanced Scenario. However, as the Mk. IV is more vulnerable to the "Fuzzy Wuzzy" problem (see "Ogres and The Fuzzy Wuzzy Fallace" by Lawrence Duffield in The Ogre Book), no more than 25% of the opposing force may be made up of identical units.

Ogre Mk. IV Record Sheet

Every Ogre needs a record sheet. Click on the image for a more printer friendly, PDF version.


A few images of the Mk. IV, as painted by Richard Kerr.

The face of the Mk. IV. The Ogre Mk. IV's primary weapon is its missile racks.
Guarding the CP. Cammo Ogre Mk. IV.

One of the nifty things about sculpting digitally is the ability to see what the piece will look like with a stellar paint job, even before it gets cast. This image was created by adding a "skin" of a cammo pattern over the basic green.

Conceptual Art Ogre Mk. IV.

Richard can also pull a couple of nifty tricks besides simple skins. This image was created with a filter which produces the "conceptual art" version.

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