New Releases For 2000

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Shipped December 18, 2000

Traveller Deck Plan 1: Beowulf-class Free Trader
The Free Trader Beowulf is under attack! Help retake the ship with our first set of Traveller Deck Plans. Thirteen double-sided maps join to form the full Beowulf - with hexes on one side and squares on the other, every Traveller fan will be able to use them! And there's a sheet of Cardboard Heroes miniatures with crew and pirates - start adventuring immediately!

Hang in there, Traveller fans . . . help is on the way . . .

13 two-sided maps with a 4-color cover insert, with 1 sheet of Traveller-specific Cardboard Heroes in ziplock bag.
#6617, ISBN 1-55634-460-0. $20.95.

Awful Green Things from Outer Space
The crew of the exploration ship ZNUTAR just wanted to cruise around the Galaxy, discovering strange new worlds and playing pool. But then their ship was invaded by the Awful Green Things . . . and suddenly they were fighting for their lives!

In this wacky two-player game, one player controls the Awful Green Things. They grow and multiply every turn... especially if they can gobble up a crew member! The other player commands the crew, frantically trying weapon after weapon (pool sticks, fire extinguishers, cans of Zgwortz) in hope of finding something that kills the monsters.

This great game was created by Tom Wham. It first appeared in Dragon Magazine, and was later released as a boxed game from TSR. When they let it go out of print, SJ Games picked it up! This edition includes Tom's "Outside the Znutar" rules and counters, for going out the airlocks and fighting on the surface of the ship.

Rule booklet, counter sheets, map, and dice in a video box with a cardboard slip cover.
#1335, ISBN 1-55634-462-7, $14.95.

Shipped December 6, 2000

GURPS Celtic Myth (reprint)
GURPS Celtic Myth lets you enter the world of the pagan Celts -- the people who lived in western Europe before the Romans and Christians came. It delves into their mythological and magical lives and history.

128 pages, #6074, ISBN: 1-55634-195-4, $19.95

GURPS Supers (reprint)
The supers are here! Costumed crusaders fighting against the forces of evil . . . monstrous villains terrorizing the world . . . your creations are only limited by your imagination! GURPS Supers lets you create real heroes and real villains, each fully defined in both power and personality - not just combat monsters. The second edition of GURPS Supers introduces system improvements to let you create superpowers the way you want to run them!

128 pages, #6017, ISBN: 1-55634-493-7, $19.95

Shipped November 22, 2000

GM's Screen (for GURPS Traveller)
Put the Third Imperium at your fingertips with this fact-packed GM's screen. Two screens contain all the charts, tables, and other essentials for the GURPS Traveller Game Master. And, since every GM needs a tavern to start the adventure off right, here's a poster-sized floor plan for Brubek's, the starport bar . . . and a sheet of new Cardboard Heroes miniatures showing typical patrons.

2 two-sided screens with 1 floor plan and 1 sheet of Traveller-specific Cardboard Heroes. #6619, ISBN 1-55634-457-0, $10.95

In Nomine 2001 Calendar
Want to celebrate Quetzalcoatl's birthday? Or the Dalai Lama's? Or the Emperor Norton's? Do you really need to know when the Egyptian New Year starts, or when and what Whuppity Scoorie is? Look no farther.

The In Nomine 2001 Calendar features a new color cover by Rogerio Vilela . . . twelve beautiful ink drawings by Ramon Perez . . . and hundreds and hundreds of religious and secular holidays from around the world. There's at least one for every day of the year, collected and annotated by Micah Jackson and Ken (Suppressed Transmission) Hite.

It's beautiful, useful, and very, very strange. What more could you want?

Black & white interiors, color cover, #9011, ISBN: 1-55634-477-5, $9.95

Deluxe Ogre Deluxe Ogre
We're introducing our new miniatures line with a bang! This big set contains everything you need to play a basic Ogre scenario, with a Paneuropean Ogre Mk III attacking a Combine command post - using 1/285 miniatures as the playing pieces. It includes the Ogre rules, a giant-sized version of the Ogre map, and all the miniatures needed to play the game in three reusable plastic cases. Ogre miniatures have not been available in years - and the original Combine figures were a very limited release - but here they are again, with some vehicles resculpted and better than ever!

Miniatures in 3 video boxes, map, and rulebook with a slip cover, #10-5001, ISBN: 1-55634-464-3, $49.95

Shipped October 30, 2000

GURPS Bestiary, Third Edition GURPS Bestiary, Third Edition
Rule the animal kingdom with GURPS Bestiary! This new edition of the popular supplement includes many of the popular creatures from prior editions, as well as dozens of new beasts. There is an expanded section on using animals as PCs, with templates (and rules for making new ones) and sample animal characters. GURPS Bestiary also includes animal folklore from around the world.

Stock #6011, ISBN 1-55634-412-0. $19.95.

Ground Forces (for GURPS Traveller)
When human worlds are threatened, people depend on the Imperial Marines and the Unified Armies -- the Ground Forces. They are the only soldiers most citizens ever see. People may follow orbiting battleships as bright "stars" in the sky, but for the average man it is the Marine in battledress and the imposing bulk of an Army grav tank that embody the Imperium.

GURPS Traveller: Ground Forces covers the "ground pounders" of the Third Imperium and their comrades in arms, the sailors of the "wet" navy and the pilots of the Close Orbit and Aerospace Command.

Stock #6614, ISBN 1-55634-444-9. $20.95.

GURPS Fantasy Folk, Second Edition GURPS Fantasy Folk, Second Edition (reprint)
From the tiny, winged Ellylon to treetop-tall giants, this book brings 24 nonhuman fantasy races to GURPS. This book includes new, expanded versions of such fantasy "standards" as elves, dwarves, orcs, and halflings, as well as exotic creatures such as savage minotaurs, four-armed insect warriors, and magical, mischievious leprechauns.

Stock #6015, ISBN 1-55634-309-4. $20.95.

Deluxe Illuminati (reprint)
They're all around us. Secret conspiracies are everywhere, and where can you find the only truth? Certainly not in the game of Illuminati. Fnord.

The phone company is controlled by creatures from outer space. The Congressional Wives have taken over the Pentagon. And the Boy Sprouts are cashing in their secret Swiss bank account to smash the IRS! Two to six players compete to grab powerful groups and increase their wealth and power. No ploy is too devious, no stratagem too low, as you scheme your way to victory.

Stock #1305, ISBN 1-55634-384-1. $34.95.

Deluxe Illuminati Y2K Expansion Deck (reprint)
This supplement deck for Illuminati contains 110 more cards. New Specials, new groups, and more blanks to let you create your own groups. And two new Illuminati . . . you saw them in INWO, now they're in the original game . . . Shangri-La and the Church of the SubGenius!

Stock #1325, ISBN 1-55634-374-4. $19.95.

Shipped October 23, 2000

Suppressed Transmission 2
Bar the doors, shutter the windows, and batten down the hatches . . . Kenneth Hite is back with more proof that Everything Is A Conspiracy Waiting To Happen. This second collection of Hite's popular columns from Pyramid, our online magazine, contains just as much obscure knowledge, bizarre cross-references, and Things We Weren't Meant To Know as the first one -- and it's all updated and annotated! Remember, it's not paranoia if they really are out to get you . . . whoever They are . . .

#3006, ISBN 1-55634-445-7. 128 pages. $19.95.

GURPS Steampunk
GURPS Steampunk combines the mood of cyberpunk with the setting of an alternate Industrial Age, where computers run on steam power, walking colossi stalk the battlefields, flying ironclads rule the skies, and science is the new frontier.

Whether your destination is 20,000 leagues under the sea or into space to hear the music of the spheres, GURPS Steampunk can get you there. It covers the real events, politics, and personalities of the Industrial Age, as well as the weird science that could have been created . . . vehicles, robots, airships, and more. Choose from several different Steam Age settings described in the book, or make up your own!

#6098, ISBN 1-55634-419-8. 144 pages. $20.95.

Principia Discordia (reprint)
This book is the bible of Discordianism . . . the worship of Eris, the goddess of Chaos. This great "cult classic" first appeared in 1965. Our edition adds 20 pages of new material, as revealed by Eris to her faithful worshipers when they probably should have been mowing the lawn or something.

WARNING: This book contains subversive truths, absurd lies, guerrilla philosophy, and several very naughty words. Open mind before reading!

Stock #3002, ISBN 1-55634-320-5. $9.95.

Shipped September 26, 2000

In Nomine Hardback
This book contains the core rules for the In Nomine roleplaying system. The setting is introduced by two short stories, A Bright Dream and A Dark Dream by author Derek Pearcy. Character creation concepts are discussed, along with the game mechanics, resource mechanics, essense, resonance, dissonance, and falling. In Nomine also describes each of the choirs of angels and bands of demons, introduces 13 Archangels and Demon Princes, and discusses soldiers of God (and Hell), ethereal spirits, celestial spirits, and the undead.

#3324, ISBN 1-55634-448-1. 208 pages. $26.95.

Superiors 4 (In Nomine)

From the ancient - Valefor (Theft) and Mammon (Greed) - to the modern - Vapula (Technology) and Fleurity (Drugs) - the most successful Demon Princes have preyed on man's hidden vices. (Especially Alaemon, Prince of Secrets.) Now In Nomine Game Masters can unleash these evils on their players.

In Superiors 4, discover what these Princes want - and why. GMs will get lots of adventure seeds to inflict on their players. Players will learn what it means to serve these Superiors - not just powers and dissonance (though that's there too), but what the subculture of each Word expects from its members, and how to stay under the Princes' radar . . . until the time is right to be noticed.

144 pages, #3323, ISBN 1-55634-442-2, $20.95.

Shipped August 25, 2000

GURPS Castle Falkenstein
Imagine a world very much like 19th-century Earth, but with wizards and swashbuckling heroes . . . and Dragons and Faerie! A world where Kabbalistic magic meets steam-powered technology against the backdrop of imperial intrigue, and where the writings of Doyle, Shelley, Verne, and their contemporaries are *fact.* A world of high fantasy and romance. This is the world of Castle Falkenstein.

This critically-acclaimed RPG setting was originally published by R. Talsorian Games. It found an enthusiastic fandom . . . gamers even showed up at conventions in elaborate Falkenstein court costumes. For its fans, there is no setting quite like "Falk," with its combination of courtly graces, 19th-century intrigue and steampunk. Now, Steve Jackson Games has acquired a license to adapt Castle Falkenstein to GURPS. The book will be released in mid-2000. GURPS Castle Falkenstein will be true to the original in style and substance, and will include full conversion notes so GMs of either system can use all the sourcebooks published for the other.

#6099, ISBN 1-55634-438-4. 160 pages. $22.95.

GURPS Imperial Rome, Second Edition GURPS Imperial Rome, Second Edition
GURPS Imperial Rome takes you to a world of adventure and intrigue, gladiators and glory. The sprawling Roman Empire is full of campaign options, from orgies in the decadent Roman villas to battles with pirates off the coast of Sicily. As an adventurer in the Imperial Age of Rome, you can journey through the narrow streets of the greatest city in the world, fight gruesome battles as a slave gladiator in the Colosseum, visit exotic provinces like Greece, Egypt, and Asia, or march to war with the Roman legions.

#6048, ISBN 1-55634-446-5. 128 pages. $19.95.

The Munchkin's Guide to Power Gaming The Munchkin's Guide to Power Gaming (reprint)

There are those who want to play, and those who want to WIN. The whiners who don't understand "power gaming" call these people "munchkins."

But what do we care?

In this outrageous satire, an experienced munchkin gleefully reveals the tricks of the trade: everything from re-rolling an unfavorable result to bribing the GM. Learn how to get the most out of character design, and why it doesn't really matter what your character's personality is as long as you get to FWACKOOM! the NPCs and grab their stuff. Munchkin GMs get their own chapter, of course: how to control the players, bend the rules, and up that body count!

Remember: If it's only a game, why do we keep score?

#3003, ISBN 1-55634-347-7. 128 pages. $19.95.

Shipped July 31, 2000

For more than 20 years, the mighty Ogre cybertanks have terrorized boardgamers and miniature players around the world. Now the Ogres are coming to roleplaying.

Take the part of a GEV pilot, driving his craft at fighter-plane speeds a foot off the ground . . . a ragged partisan, armed only with determination and a nuclear bazooka . . . or a brand-new artificial intelligence, awakening to a world in which it is the most dangerous creature of all . . . the Ogre.

#6097, ISBN 1-55634-417-1. $19.95.

Rim of Fire: The Solomani Rim Sourebook (for GURPS Traveller)
The Solomani Rim sector lies at the rimward edge of the Third Imperium. It is an ancient, densely populated region. For six thousand years, the Solomani Rim has been a place of epic revolutions and wars. Today it remains a flashpoint for galactic conflict. The Third Imperium occupies hundreds of worlds, including Terra, the human homeworld. But much of the sector is under the control of the despotic Solomani Confederation.

The Solomani Rim has always been a place where the actions of individual heroes could change the course of history. Today there are still many challenges for the GURPS Traveller player within the Rim of Fire!

#6615, ISBN 1-55634-436-8. $20.95.

GURPS Old West, Second Edition
The American frontier was a legend, even as it was happening. Gunfighters, Indians. cowboys, miners and mountain men . . . the "rust-eaters" who pushed the rails west . . . the Pony Express . . . the Texas Rangers and the outlaws they fought . . . the settlers battling fire, floods, stampedes and sickness . . . their adventures made the nation what it is today!

Come west if you've got the guts for it. The weak die on the trail, and the cowards never leave home. Let's see what you're made of, pardner . . .

#6044, ISBN 1-55634-439-2. $19.95.

Shipped June 28, 2000

Superiors 3 (In Nomine)

Dreams, Faith, Destiny, and Fire. These are Words of imagination and inspiration, Words that burn and Words that heal. The Archangels who embody these ideals are as disparate and diverse as the Words themselves. Gabriel, the flame of divine inspiration, the scourge of cruelty, smoldering in self-imposed exile. Khalid, newly returned to Heaven's fold, nursing his own new-found faith. Yves, seemingly benign, but with the power to name God and set man on the path to righteousness. And Blandine, protecting the dreams of humanity while clinging desperately to her own.

Within the pages of Superiors 3, Hope and Prophecy, you will find out the origins of these powerful beings, learn their secrets and fears, and explore the Tethers and secret organizations that support them. You will discover what it is like to serve as one of their messengers on Earth, battling ignorance, brutality, and terror against fearsome opposition. And you will find seeds for adventures to launch you into a campaign against the forces of evil.

Hearken well, ye bringers of the light, for the way is hard, and fraught with danger.

144 pages, #3322, ISBN 1-55634-428-7, $20.95.

GURPS In Nomine
A GURPS adaptation of the In Nomine setting, featuring the epic struggle between Heaven and Hell, between angels and demons -- both here in the mortal world and in the realms beyond. The focus will be on converting the setting -- all of In Nomine's Bands, Choirs, Superiors, and realms will be adapted for use with GURPS -- but GURPS conversions of In Nomine mechanics will be included as well, covering artifacts, attunements, Discord, dissonance, disturbance, Essence, Intervention, resonance, Rites, Songs and more. Get ready to play with the big boys!

#6093, ISBN 1-55634-400-7. 224 pages. $24.95.

Ogre Reinforcement Pack Ogre Reinforcement Pack

Battle-ready replacements for dog-eared counters and well-used maps, and four new multi-map scenarios! New rules include towing options, random Ogre damage, and the variant Ogres previously seen only in The Ogre Book. Fight to recover crippled Ogres on "The Day After," deliver a crippling punch to a Combine industrial complex in "Body Blow," or "Fake Out" the Paneuropeans by concealing your true objective until it's too late!

Components include a rule sheet with scenarios, two duplicate Ogre/G.E.V counter sheets, two duplicate Shockwave counter sheets, and one each Shockwave and G.E.V maps.

ISBN 1-55634-440-6, #7202, $11.95.

GURPS Robots (reprint)
GURPS Robots contains detailed rules for designing, building and playing robots -- from the tiniest nanobots to the mightiest megabots. You can create cyborgs, androids, and even biomorphs -- deadly fluid-metal machines that can take any shape. The advanced design rules are compatible with GURPS Vehicles, 2nd edition. Choose everything from the frames to weapons to the tiniest accessories!

Also included are rules for robots as player characters; artificial intelligences and battlesuits; and over 30 completely worked-out sample robots.

#6511, ISBN 1-55634-233-0. $19.95.

GURPS Compendium II (reprint)
GURPS Compendium II is full of material from scores of GURPS worldbooks published in the last eight years - many of them out of print - about how to run a better GURPS game, how to handle roleplaying problems that come up (some universal, some particular to GURPS), expanded rules for character combat, injury and illness, mass combat, spaceship combat, and much, much, more!

#6522, ISBN 1-55634-327-2. $23.95.

Shipped May 15, 2000

GURPS Villains
The hero may be the star of his story, but it takes a prize villain to bring out the best in him! GURPS Villains is a compilation of dastardly foes from all ages, genres, and backgrounds. Crackpot spy-movie masterminds, backstabbing patricians, grim undead overlords, hard-bitten crime bosses . . . they're all here! Each villain is described both biographically and in game terms, and is accompanied by "bits" like fiendish plots, evil henchmen, devious deathtraps, and secret strongholds. GURPS Villains also includes a GM's guide to dramatic villain design and use. After all, everybody loves a "good" bad guy!

GMs can use this book for instant opponents, or choose a villain they like and build a whole campaign around him! There are over 50 villains (and villainous groups) with complete stats and writeups, including details of their "evil plans," in this survey of fiends and foes from all times and climes.

#6416, ISBN 1-55634-414-7, $19.95.

Alien Races 3 (for GURPS Traveller)
The third book in the Alien Races series describes two of the MOST alien races in the Traveller universe - the Droyne and the Hivers. The Droyne, which Imperial archaeologists are beginning to suspect are identical to the ancient race that scattered Humaniti and created the Vargr, are among the most pacific of all the inhabitants of the Imperium. But if they were once so powerful, why have they given up on the jump-drive and the other trappings of interstellar power? What did they learn that Humaniti will not?

And what about the Hivers, the strange six-limbed creatures who dominate dozens of other races within their Hive Federation? Why do they treat their offspring so strangely? Does their incredible intelligence translate to wisdom? Or does their lust to manipulate others represent a threat to the Imperium?

Special bonus! This book includes "gold" cardboard punch-out versions of the 36 Droyne coyns, and complete instructions for Droyne divination. Droyne characters can now "cast the coyns" to determine their future actions . . . and Human characters can wonder why it works . . .

6608, ISBN 1-55634-431-7. $22.95.

Shockwave Shockwave
Shockwave is the first supplement for Ogre/GEV. It includes 224 counters for a variety of new units, a full-color map that fits on any side of the G.E.V. map, and 12 scenarios (four for Ogre, eight for G.E.V.).

New units in Shockwave include a devastating Cruise Missile (and a Laser Tower to shoot it down), three new types of GEV; and the Superheavy Tank!

#7201, ISBN 1-55634-435-X. $9.95.

Shipped April 17, 2000

Dino Hunt Dino Hunt (reprint)
Dino Hunt is a family game for two or more players, age 8 and up. In Dino Hunt, you travel through time, visiting the different eras where the dinosaurs lived, to capture them for your modern-day zoo. But the other players have cards that can make your hunt harder - and watch out for that charging T. Rex! Simple to learn and easy to play, Dino Hunt carries the Dinosaur Society Seal of Approval - all dinosaur information and art in the game conforms to current scientific knowledge.

Dino Hunt features over a hundred different dinosaurs. Each oversized card has full-color art from some of the best dinosaur artists in the world. The back of each card gives the most up-to-the-minute scientific data the experts can provide.

#1700, ISBN 1-55634-321-3. $19.95.

GURPS IOU (reprint)
Admit it. College would have been more fun if you were allowed to blow up the instructors. And you really would have liked to major in Military Biology, Anti-Social Sciences, Double-Entendre Bookkeeping, or Computer Wizardry. Too bad you didn't know about IOU.

Illustrated by the one and only (two and only?) Phil and Kaja Foglio, this book supports three different campaign styles . . . Silly, Weird, and Darkly Illuminated. GURPS IOU takes you from creating a character to enrolling in classes, to study, finals, and the occasional academic blood feud, all the way to graduation.

#6072, ISBN 1-55634-206-3. 128 pages. $19.95.

GURPS Illuminati (reprint)
The Secret Masters have denied all knowledge of the various conspiracy theories put forth in the new GURPS Illuminati.

"To begin with, we don't even exist," said a spokesman. "The Illuminati are a myth."

Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

The publishers of GURPS Illuminati, Steve Jackson Games, admitted that it was a work of fiction, but added, "It's all true anyway! Just look at the book. It's closer than you think."

#6016, ISBN 1-55634-223-3. $19.95.

Tribes Tribes (reprint)
Tribes has been an underground favorite for YEARS, whenever we took a playtest copy to conventions. Designed by Steve Jackson and award-winning SF author D avid Brin, it's a roleplaying game with a difference.

In Tribes, the players are cave men and women. They hunt and gather food, make their tribal laws, and deal with natural disasters. But the object of the game is simple: Look after the children! In this game, the way to win is to have the most kids, and do whatever you have to do to make sure they survive. The players must know when to cooperate, and when to cut their losses and protect their own families. With a referee, it is possible to have several tribes at once (as many as 40 people can easily play in the same "extended" game). Each tribe will have its own laws and social pattern. The tribes can compete, trade, exchange people, or even make war on each other.

Stock #1800, ISBN 1-55634-355-8. $9.95.

Shipped March 13, 2000

Starports (for GURPS Traveller)

Patrol, trade, and Xboat routes are the lifelines of the Imperium, and starports are the anchors to which they are tethered. Serving as trade centers, customs offices and outposts of civilization in far-flung systems, they play a central role in the lives of starfarers, and are a crucial source of goods, wealth and information for even the most planetbound of souls. At the same time, they are havens for smugglers, fugitives and black marketeers.

GURPS Traveller Starports classifies standard starports and describes their facilities, organization and functions. It includes examples and plans, and guidelines for starport adventures and encounters. It is designed to complement Far Trader and the upcoming Starships supplement.

#6610, ISBN 1-55634-401-5. 128 pages. $19.95.

Ogre/GEV (Boxed game)
Ogre, first released in 1977, was Steve Jackson's first design. Now the classic boardgame of futuristic ground combat is being re-launched. Starting in March with the combined edition of Ogre and its sequel G.E.V., SJ Games will release new and reprinted Ogre material throughout 2000. This will include a whole new line of Ogre miniatures, giant OgreMacrotures (tm), an Ogre sourcebook for GURPS, a reprint of the famous "blueprint" poster, and more. Once again the killing machines will stalk the war-torn countryside as Paneuropean and Combine forces battle to the death. A new generation of gamers is about to learn what it means to face the Ogre.

This is a re-release of the original Ogre/GEV game. It should not beconfused with the Ogre Miniatures rules, which are still in print!

#1402, ISBN 1-55634-426-0. $14.95

Cardboard Heroes: Dungeon Floors
Last year, the new Cardboard Heroes set revived interest in low-cost miniatures support for roleplaying games. Now, Cardboard Heroes: Dungeon Floors continues that support with over 90 full-color rooms, stairways and corridors, from 1" square closets to 6" x 6" rooms and long hallways. Cut them out, put them down, and rearrange them to form an infinite variety of dungeons for your adventurers. Also included are pits, chests, furniture, shafts, walls, pillars, and other subterranean architectural paraphernalia. Cardboard Heroes: Dungeon Floors will help to answer every player's question, "Where are we now?"

#2119, ISBN 1-55634-425-2. $19.95

GURPS Magic (reprint)
Sorcery, Thaumaturgy, The Black Art, Necromancer, Alchemy or the Great Art. By any name, arcane knowledge brings great power to its possessor . . . for good or for evil. This book is the complete guide to magic for the Generic Universal RolePlaying System.

GURPS Magic presents a colorful, detailed magic system. But it's much more. It is designed for easy modification . . .for the GM who wants to create his own background, or set adventures in the world of his favorite fantasy author. And it's flexible. Players can create any sort of wizard character they choose, from eager apprentice to mad hermit, from saintly healer to sinister necromancer.

This book is completely compatible with the magic rules in the GURPS Basic Set. It amplifies the material there, as well as adding more than 300 new spells! Also included are a complete system for improvisational magic, optional rules for "inherent" magic abilities, special advantages and disadvantages for mages, and a system to let the GM create his own unique types of clerical magic.

If you're ready for a world of magic, it's in your hands . . .

#6023, ISBN 1-55634-286-1. 128 pages. $19.95.

GURPS Vehicles (reprint)
GURPS Vehicles is your guide to any type of transportation you can imagine. From rowboats to racing cars, balloons to battlesuits. Greek galleys to GEVs -- if you can dream it, you can design it.

The second editon streamlines the design process, using the design order found in GURPS Robots, also by David Pulver.

#6505, ISBN 1-55634-325-6. 208 pages. $24.95.

Released February 14, 2000

Superiors 2 (for In Nomine)
The Takers -- the lovers of humanity . . . Mmmm, humanity. Andrealphus, Kobal, Haagenti, and Nybbas are all fleshed out in the second of the Superiors books.

What's it like to work for Lust, and why you should fear the smart Gluttons; pulling Pranks and getting everything on film. Enter the neon and haze of Shal-Mari, and the frantic script-rooms of Perdition. These expansions include all the material you need to design characters to serve these four Princes, as well as adventure seeds which can be used for their Servitors.

#3321, ISBN 1-55634-416-3. 144 pages. $20.95.

Suppressed Transmission
Of Course You Know About the Suppressed Transmission . . .

Of course. But do you know about the Philadelphia Experiment, the Antarctic Space Nazis, the Ancient Astronauts, the Great Pole Shift, and the Esoteric Truths encoded in Shakespeare's plays? Kenneth Hite does.

Suppressed Transmission is his wildly popular column of conspiratorial musings and High Weirdness, appearing weekly in Pyramid Magazine. This anthology of ST's first year contains 34* of those original columns and more, including annotations, "stuff Ken left out," and an extensive bibliography. This book is required reading for anyone interested in the Secret History of our world . . . or any other. Read it soon, before it too becomes a Suppressed Transmission.

* 34, of course, is (2*3*5)+(2-3+5). Fnord.

#3005, ISBN 1-55634-423-6. 128 pages. $19.95.

GURPS Grimoire (reprint)
Mages struggle to probe the mysteries of life, death, time and space. At last, we gather their magical knowledge together - GURPS Grimoire, the ultimate resource for would-be sorcerers and established mages. This indispensable rulebook gives new, powerful spells for all campaigns, from Ice-Age epics to gritty cyberpunk slumcrawls.

GURPS Grimoire has over 400 new spells, as well as two new colleges. The adventurous - or the desparate - can now manipulate time and space using Gate Magic. Savvy wizards stay current with Technology Magic, and give "machine power" and "rad" entirely new meaning! Several new sub-colleges also add flexibility in dealing with weather, electricity, ice and acid.

An expanded chart of spell prerequisite, and a handy table for quick reference, are included. And Scott Paul Maykrantz, author of GURPS Creatures of the Night, expands the GURPS Magic tables for generating Demons.

This book is completely compatible with the rules in the GURPS Basic Set, as well as those in GURPS Magic, Second Edition.

#6514, ISBN 1-55634-243-8. 128 pages. $19.95.

GURPS Martial Arts (reprint)
The ultimate hand-to-hand combat book! The 160-page GURPS Martial Arts, 2nd Ed. covers over 50 different armed and unarmed fighting arts, including the historical and modern styles of both the East and the West, as well as fantasy and science fiction styles, presented in both realistic and cinematic forms. From the French fencing of swashbuckling cinema to Kendo down at the dojo, from Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple to Savate on the piers of Marseilles, Martial Arts has it all (not to mention a convenient lie-flat binding).

#6036, ISBN 1-55634-314-0. 160 pages. $22.95.

GURPS Russia (reprint)
GURPS Russia presents the Russian world from its beginnings in the 10th century to its new beginnings in the early 18th. In this book, the GM will find complete details on the history, folklore, and daily life not of the Soviet Union or of the Imperial Age, but of medieval Russia - a culture that seems all but forgotten in the twentieth century, overborne and overshadowed by the U.S.S.R. To most Westerners, the word "Russia" is synonymous with communism, nuclear war, competing space programs, and WWI-level farm equipment serving in the fields of The People.

This book puts characters into the Russia of the Middle Ages, from the 10th century to the 18th. It also opens up the world of Russian folklore and fairytales, where all sorts of interesting -- and sometimes frightening -- creatures dwell.

#6082, ISBN 1-55634-258-6. 128 pages. $19.95.

Released January 10, 2000

The Munchkin's Guide to Power Gaming The Munchkin's Guide to Power Gaming

There are those who want to play, and those who want to WIN. The whiners who don't understand "power gaming" call these people "munchkins."

But what do we care?

In this outrageous satire, an experienced munchkin gleefully reveals the tricks of the trade: everything from re-rolling an unfavorable result to bribing the GM. Learn how to get the most out of character design, and why it doesn't really matter what your character's personality is as long as you get to FWACKOOM! the NPCs and grab their stuff. Munchkin GMs get their own chapter, of course: how to control the players, bend the rules, and up that body count!

Remember: If it's only a game, why do we keep score?

#3003, ISBN 1-55634-347-7. 128 pages. $19.95.

GURPS Basic Set
GURPS, the Generic Universal RolePlaying System, is the most flexible roleplaying system you can use. Adventure in any world you can think of. Supplements covering many genres are already out -- and more are coming! But you don't have to wait; the GURPS system is easily adaptable to your favorite game world. It's easy to learn . . . you can jump right in with quick-start rules, pre-designed characters, and an easy-to-play solo adventure. The Basic Set is designed to be "Game Master-friendly," with Table of Contents, Glossary, Appendix and Index, as well as lots of examples.

Stock #6022, ISBN 1-55634-127-X. 272 pages. $24.95.
GURPS Basic Set Hardback
The core rules for GURPS goes back to print. This time we also have a special hardback edition!

Stock #6031, ISBN 1-55634-357-4. 272 pages. $29.95.
Deluxe Illuminati (Edition Francais)
Illuminati est un jeu intense mais rigolo sur la domination mondiale - non pas avec des fusils et des missiles, mais bien par la ruse et l'astuce. Chaque joueur devient l'un des Illuminati, les « maîtres secrets » qui tentent de contrôler le monde. Deux à six joueurs se construisent chacun une « structure de pouvoir » et prennent le contrôle de groupes tels que le F.B.I., la Poste, les Centrales nucléaires, les Lasers orbitaux de lavage de cerveau, l'Armée de libération semi-consciente, les Yuppies . . . les Yuppies? Oui, tout à fait. Dans Illuminati, tout peut arriver.

Plus les joueurs étendent leur contrôle, plus leur pouvoir et leur richesse s'accroissent. Aucun stratagème n'est trop sournois, aucun coup n'est trop bas pour les Illuminati qui mettent leur plan de domination mondiale en branle. La conclusion demeure un mystère jusqu'à la dernière trahison!

Illuminati a reçu le titre de Meilleur jeu de science-fiction de 1982 et s'est mérité plusieurs autres prix. Epuisé pendant des années, il est de retour, à la demande populaire, dans une nouvelle édition. Le jeu comprend le livret de règles, 110 cartes, des jetons d'argent et deux dés.

Stock #1331, ISBN 1-55634-421-X. $34.95

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