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October 19, 2009: Gears, Guns, And Good Times

Car Wars Compendium

Once upon a time, there was a game about a land that was having a terrible time. In this land, the oil was drying up, food was in short supply, and things were generally looking pretty grim. Then one day, a man from this land got the idea that it might be fun to stick a .50 cal machine gun on his car. He was right. It was indeed quite a great deal of fun. And so was born a game where the right of way went to the biggest gun.

But as time went on, the fun little game about crazy people in cars shooting at each other faded away. Players moved on to pretending to be vampires, or amassing suitcases full of cards, or playing with these tiny men that made clicking noises, or any of a vast number of other games that primarily revolved around kicking doors and taking things. The game packed up its bags and headed to the retirement home for classic games, where it passed away quietly.

. . . Or so everyone thought. Turns out that plucky little game, like any smart autodueller, had its brain backed up! And so it is that the Car Wars Compendium rides again through the miracle of modern science! (Or "e23," as we like to call it.) And it can't wait to teach all these young punks why "drive offensively" are the two most useful words they'll ever hear.

Fox Barrett

December 30, 2003: And Only 40 Years Early

Dutch company E-traction is testing a city bus powered by a revolutionary new technology – individual electric motors in each wheel, powered by a central plant. This should sound familiar to Car Wars fans . . .

Radio Nederland has the story about the bus test. For more information on the technology, you can also visit the company website, where they have modestly named their new invention, "The Wheel."

– Scott Haring

October 17, 2003: Failed the Reality Check . . .

Faithful fan Francis K. Lalumière sent us this true story:

A friend of mine got rammed in the side of his car by a deer in Wisconsin (and paid a hefty fee to get the car repaired). We're both big Car Wars fans and I thought you'd enjoy this snippet of conversation.

Must be a Car Wars deer . . . They all know that a T-bone is the best way to damage the other vehicle while sparing yours.

Well, let's look at it:

Deer weighs less than 2,000 pounds. That's a damage modifier of 1/3. (Car Wars Compendium, p. 13)

Sprinting deer travels at about 20 mph. (GURPS Basic Set, 3rd Ed., p. 142) That's 1d6 collision damage. (CWC, p. 4)

1d6 x 1/3 means the damage is 1/3, 2/3, 3/3, 4/3, 5/3, or 6/3 (0, 1, 1, 1, 2, or 2) points.

Now, one point of metal armor serves as three points of armor for purposes of collisions (CWC, p. 31), and one point of metal armor is destroyed for every three points of damage taken (round up) (ibid.).

Thus, the deer must have rolled a 5 or 6 for damage, as he would have required to do at least 2 to my car in order to inflict any damage.

Now, if I did take just that one point of metal armor damage, it should only cost $125 to repair. (CWC, pg. 55). Steve Jackson can kiss my ass on that one.


The only flaw in the logic is the assumption that this poor guy's car has one point of metal armor, and I'm not sure that's true of today's vehicles. And sure, the repair costs in the rules have no relation to the real world of 2003 – none of the costs in the entire game do. But they are internally consistent and balanced, and that's good enough for us.

– Scott Haring

August 21, 2003: New Errata

In the course of testing the new Vehicle Design System, we ran every design already published for the new edition of Car Wars to make the sure the new system didn't make any designs invalid. I'm glad to say the system passed, but in the course of checking, I found a couple of small mistakes in the books . . .

So we've updated the errata for the Arena Book 1 and the Division 5 Vehicle Guide – check the Errata Page for the details.

August 7, 2003: Did You Miss Us?

Well then, you should have sprung for that hi-res targeting computer . . .

A lot has happened in the Car Wars world since we last did an update. The main thing that has happened is . . . nothing has happened. Lots and lots of nothing. Months and months went by without any progress on our end on any of our new products or future plans.

And now . . . well, now we've got this spiffy announcement!

You're not laughing. Put down that flamethrower . . .

Actually, we've got more than that. We've got me – Scott Haring – former Car Wars guru, former Autoduel Quarterly editor, author of many original Car Wars products, back in the saddle as Car Wars Line Editor.

And we've got progress on the Vehicle Design System. After taking a step or two back to reevaluate, I wrote a new first draft, which is now finished. Once the Big Bosses give the go-ahead, we'll post it to Pyramid for playtest and put it back on the release schedule.

As for the other announced products – it's too early to tell. We might do them as currently planned, we might change them, we might scrap them and come up with new ideas. For that, you've got to stay tuned.

Oh, and don't forget . . . Drive Offensively!

April 11, 2002: Car Wars FAQ has been updated!

Along with the new look of the Car Wars pages, we've updated the FAQ with some of the more common questions that have popped up. If you can't find the answer to your question there, email me at and I'll do my best to get you an answer ASAP.

While we try to avoid errors as much as possible, sometimes a few manage to slip through. To see the ones we know about, check out our Errata page. If you find one that isn't on our list, email me.

We all hope you're enjoying the Division 5 Sets. Division 10 Sets are on their way!

March 14, 2002: Car Wars Proofs Are In!

Look here! We saw proofs of the nine new Car Wars books today. They are beautiful, absolutely beautiful . . . the covers are even brighter and bolder than we had expected.

And of course, we had found a way to further optimize some of the vehicles in the interim, so they got tweaked. Panic, panic, fix, fix, done. (As this is written, we have faxed approval of the changed proofs back to the printer.)

You can hope that some of these beautiful proofs show up in the auction, but most of them are going to be divided up among the development team or sent to the lead playtesters.

This is going to be so massively neat . . . Yeah, I'm excited. So sue me.

Sunday September 3, 2000: AADA 2050 World Dueling Report

The AADA 2050 World Dueling Report is now available. Eric Freeman, the AADA Head Referee, recapped the entire weekend of dueling excitement that ended with John Blaylock (SHAAG) earning the top spot in the dueling world. Special thanks to the mysterious webmaster who converted Eric's report to HTML for upload to the site. The link to the report is available to the AADA Hall of Fame page, but you can view it by clicking here. Be sure to visit the AADA Hall of Fame for the complete listing of all the AADA Champions, both Dueling and Racing.

Sunday August 20, 2000: AADA 2050 World Dueling Champion

And the AADA 2050 World Dueling Champion is John Blaylock from SHAAG (Southern Hitmen Autoduel Assassin's Guild). John and SHAAG have been spotted dueling in the Memphis, TN area. For more information about the group, visit their site at the following link ( Here are the standings from the final round:

1st John Blaylock
2nd Dan O'Gorman
3rd (tie) Darrin Marquez/Mike Miller
5th James Bourn
6th (tie) Mike Garrity/Brian Strassman/David Nelson

Below are a few pictures and thoughts from the WDC at GenCon 2000 thanks to Keith.

Eric Freeman, the AADA Head Referee, set up the Car Wars tournaments for GenCon. Each of the cars are micromachines and there are some three dimensional objects (like big pillars) scattered about the arena. Two arenas were set up, but thirty three people showed up to duel. Two more arenas were quickly added, with Eric running back and forth like a crazed maniac (which I guess is synonymous with Head Referee). All in all, it looks like the first round of the Tournament was a great success.

Early in the game, things were going well. Cars are taking a few pot shots at each other, and then finally the drivers have been worked up into a killing rage. Forget those vulcan machine guns, this guy is going for the least subtle method of winning the game: driving into your enemy's car at sixty miles an hour. Let's hear it for the ram plate!

This driver is in a world of hurt. He's driving into a field of flaming oil, and behind it is a huge minefield. This guy is not long for the world. However, this still doesn't top the guy who rolled his car next to the arena wall after running over a few mines. The car started to roll, and the top of his car slammed into the arena wall. Basically, that driver needed to be hosed out of a ton of twisted metal.

Be sure to visit his site for more picture from GenCon ( Thanks for the first pictures of the Worlds Keith.

Wednesday August 9, 2000: AADA 2050 World Dueling Championship - More Information


The "workhorse" arena for this year's WDC will be the Aspen Octagon. See for the specifics. This arena will be used for both the preliminary events and final.

It is still possible (but not likely) that an alternate arena might be used for the prelim rounds.  If so, this arena will be set up in the Car Wars space adjacent to the Octagon, a few hours before the first event. (Probably around 2pm on Friday)

Checking Vehicle Designs:
It would be extremely helpful to me that if you have your vehicle design done before the event that you could give it to me to check over well ahead of the scheduled time for the event.  It gives you time to tweak your design, if I find something wrong, and it helps assure that we starting a timely manner.

Drive offensively,

Eric Freeman

Tuesday July 25, 2000: AADA 2050 World Dueling Championship Update

The Scoring and Advancement for the 2050 World Dueling Championship (WDC) was recently uploaded. It has all the details you need to know to advance to the World Dueling Championship to claim the title. Eric Freeman, the AADA Head Ref, also updated the Car Wars Referee Questionnaire (CWRQ) and Other Dueling Questions (ODQ) to be used at the WDC. Be sure to review these important documents that help clear up some of the rule conflicts, ambiguities, and variants that exist in the Car Wars systems. If you have any rule questions that you need clarification on, please email Eric at and he will either answer your question personally and/or add it to the next update of the CWRQ or ODQ.

Monday July 17, 2000: AADA 2050 World Racing Championship

AADAThe Championship Auto-Dueling Circuit (CADC) hosted the AADA 2050 World Racing Championship at Origins 2000 in Columbus, OH this weekend and the 2050 World Racing Champion is Keith Scherer (CADC - Warren, MI). Scherer followed Matt "George" Lintemuth (CADC - Grand Rapids, MI) for all of the final race until the last turn where he pushed his engine to 227.5 mph to beat Lintemuth across the line by a mere 25 one hundredths of a second to claim the title. Scherer blew up his engine and was on fire when he crossed the line, but the sparks did not ignite his gas engine or rockets. The CADC completed the sweep of the podium positions when Scott Hinkley (CADC - Grand Rapids, MI) finished approximately two seconds later. The honorable mention of the weekend event goes to Sean Hixenbaugh (Independent - Dayton, OH) who was awarded the quick exit award for all three of the qualifying races, but low attendance at the last race guaranteed him a position on the starting grid for the finals. Hixenbaugh never gave up over the weekend and placed fifth in the finals. Congratulations and thanks to all that entered the event.

AADA 2050 WRC Winners

Center - Keith Scherer - 1st Place, Right - Matt "George" Lintemuth - 2nd Place, Left - Scott Hinkley - 3rd Place

Sunday July 9, 2000: AADA World Championships

AADANext weekend the AADA 2050 World Racing Championship (WRC) will be hosted by the Championship Auto-Dueling Circuit (CADC) at Origins 2000 in Columbus, OH. The AADA 2049 World Racing Champion (MJ Daniels) is expected to return this year to defend his title along with some of the best the CADC has to offer, plus the event is open to anyone in the autodueling public who is eager to do battle on the dueltracks of the future. This year's attendance should beat last year's total of 20 players for the weekend. For all the details about the event, check out the AADA page or visit the CADC web site and click on the "AADA WRC" button in the top menubar. A brief posting of the event's results will be posted here next Sunday night. The CADC will also publish another WRC Edition of Tire Tracks to cover all the details, interviews and photos of the event a few weeks later.

And don't forget that next month the AADA 2050 World Dueling Championship will be at Gen Con 2000 on August 10th - 13th, 2000 in Milwaukee, WI! Eric Freeman (AADA Head Referee) and MJ Daniels will be hosting the event. Some of the details of the event are available on the AADA page. Additional information will be posted over the next couple of weeks. All reports indicate that Michael Garrity of NOVA is expected to return this year to defend his AADA 2049 World Dueling Championship. Be sure you're there to take a crack at the defending champ.

Sunday July 2, 2000: New AADA League Manager plus the WRC Rules available

Elizabeth Lindsay has stepped down from the position of AADA League Manager. Our thanks for her hard work on the AADA.

Steve Jackson Games' art director Philip Reed has taken over the position. Phil is a Car Wars fan who has been in love with the game since he first discovered it in junior high and infected his circle of friends (who enjoy the game to this day).

Phil will be overseeing some cleanup and organization of the AADA as well as pushing to expand the number of AADA chapters. One of his top priorities will be reviving the AADA Newsletter as a free online 'zine – the first step toward expanded Car Wars support from Steve Jackson Games.

CADC LogoThe Championship Auto-Dueling Circuit (CADC) just uploaded the rules that will be used during the AADA 2050 World Racing Champion. You will find both the event rules and the CWRQ that has been answered for event to help clear up any confusion beforehand. To review the rules, visit the CADC web site and click on the "AADA WRC" button in the top menubar.

Origins 2000In case you just walked out of your Y2K shelter, the 2050 WRC will be held at Origins 2000 in Columbus, OH. Qualifying will take place on July 14th and 15th, and the WRC will be on the 16th. The event has been listed in the pre-registration books, so attendance is expected to break the 20 players mark hit last year when the event was omitted from the books. Trophies will go to the top three drivers of the WRC and the weekend's most honorable mention. See you there.

Tuesday June 27, 2000: AADA DragonCon Car Wars!!!

AADAScheduled Car Wars Events at DragonCon:

2 preliminary rounds (6-8 per) - pre-selected Div10 (I could be persuaded to run additional prelims as time, schedule, and demand warrant)  Top 6 in points advance to Finals - Div 30, Sunday morning, Finalist may either select a pre-selected Div 30 or submit their designs to me by Saturday evening, 8pm.

Contact John W Blaylock <> for more info.

Here is DragonCon's web url

Check out the Upcoming AADA and Car Wars Events page for the latest happenings around the American Autoduel Association (AADA).

ADQ 6/4 has been uploaded!

ADQ 6/4 CoverAnother issue of ADQ has been converted to HTML thanks to Michael P. Owen. You can link directly to ADQ 6/4 to view it or go through the ADQ Archive. In the winter issue of 2038 (ADQ 6/4), you will find:

  • Three Mini-Scenarios by David N. Searle
  • Duelling on a Budget
  • Autogyros variant rules for the predecessors of helicopters
  • Convoy Tactics
  • plus much much more.

Thanks again to Michael P. Owen.

Sunday May 21, 2000: ADQ 6/4 has been uploaded!

ADQ 6/4 CoverAnother issue of ADQ has been converted to HTML thanks to Michael P. Owen. You can link directly to ADQ 6/4 to view it or go through the ADQ Archive. In the winter issue of 2038 (ADQ 6/4), you will find:

  • Three Mini-Scenarios by David N. Searle
  • Duelling on a Budget
  • Autogyros variant rules for the predecessors of helicopters
  • Convoy Tactics
  • plus much much more.

Thanks again to Michael P. Owen.

Sunday May 21, 2000: ADQ 6/4 has been uploaded!

ADQ 6/4 CoverAnother issue of ADQ has been converted to HTML thanks to Michael P. Owen. You can link directly to ADQ 6/4 to view it or go through the ADQ Archive. In the winter issue of 2038 (ADQ 6/4), you will find:

  • Three Mini-Scenarios by David N. Searle
  • Duelling on a Budget
  • Autogyros variant rules for the predecessors of helicopters
  • Convoy Tactics
  • plus much much more.

Thanks again to Michael P. Owen.

Sunday April 30, 2000: Uncle Albert is Back!

Uncle AlYou've heard all the rumors. You even started to believe them after a year or so went by with no new ideas coming out of the Uncle Al's Auto Stop and Gunnery Shop. We're here to tell you that none of the rumors are true. Uncle Al has not run out of ideas. In fact, he's back and eager for your business. Uncle Al sent the new product boys back to the lab with strict instructions not to come out until they had a hand full of new products that every duellist would fall in love with. It has been a year and half in the making, but Uncle Al has a new set of weapons and accessories available at over 3,000 independent dealers in the United States, Canada, Quebec, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, plus he has over 50 showrooms coast-to-coast where duellists can see the latest technological advances. And, last, but not least, there is Uncle Albert Corporate Headquarters and Proving Grounds, located outside Boston. The corporate HQ is the hub of a multi-million dollar mail-order business. A sample of Uncle Albert's 2050 Catalog Supplement is available.

To view all of his latest accomplishments, all you need is a subscription to Pyramid. For just $15.00 per year, you get:

Uncle Al's previous release is now available to even non-Pyramid subscribers. Uncle Albert's Sonic Cannon.

Sunday April 9, 2000: ADQ 6/1 now available!

ADQ 6/1 Cover ADQ 6/1 is now available online thanks to Michael P. Owen. He's been very busy lately helping kick start the ADQ HTML-ization Project. He recently finished off the conversion of ADQ 4/4 for us. In the spring issue of 2038 (ADQ 6/1), you will find:

  • Designer Notes to the Vehicle Guide 2
  • An Interview with Gold Cross
  • Parimutuel Wagering in Car Wars
  • Tournament Car Design
  • plus much much more.

Thanks again to Michael P. Owen. Interest in the ADQ HTML-ization Project is starting to pick up again. I've received emails from volunteers and now I only have three issues that need to be re-assigned. If you are interested in helping with the project, please send me a line. Below are the issues that I need volunteers for:

  • ADQ 6/4
  • ADQ 9/3
  • ADQ 10/1

Tim Gould

Sunday April 2, 2000: Central and Midwest Regionals

AADAOn March 25th and 26th, NOVA hosted the AADA 2050 Central Regional Dueling Championship at CyCon. They also hosted another Car Wars event called Godzilla Takes Ames. Below are the results of all three events:

AADA 2050 Central Dueling Regional:
1st: Don Jacques
2nd: Allan Dudding
3rd(tie): Norman McMullen & Travis Taylor
4th(tie): Jason Meacham & Mike Garrity
5th: Chadd McCaw
AADA 2050 Central Racing Regional:
1st: Norman McMullen
2nd: Travis Taylor
3rd(tie): Don Jacques & Allan Dudding

Godzilla Takes Ames:
1st: Mike Garrity
2nd: Travis Taylor
3rd: Don Jacques

In Upcoming AADA and Car Wars Events news, the AADA 2050 Midwest Regional Racing and Dueling Championships will be hosted by Jason Walters of the Kult of Speed at Anime Central on May 12th, 13th and 14th. The con will be at the Arlington Park Hilton in Arlington Heights, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago). Trophies to be provided by the AADA, thanks to Elizabeth Lindsay, AADA League Manager. For more information about the Midwest Regionals, contact Jason Walters. For more information about Anime Central, contact Mike Cox.

Sunday March 18, 2000: ADQ 4/4 is now available

ADQ 4/4 CoverThe HTML conversion of ADQ 4/4 was just completed by Michael P. Owen. The conversion initiated by Tim C. and Odette Morrison back in June 1997 and now the issue is done. You can find the winter issue of 2036 in the ADQ Archive. This issue features: a Car Wars variant for Hospitalization, Designer notes for GURPS Autoduel, some great mini scenarios, the Corporate Approach to Car Wars, Excepts from the NORTH AMERICAN ROAD ATLAS AND SURVIVAL GUIDE, plus some other great stuff. Big thanks to Tim, Odette and Michael for their hard work.
The ADQ HTML-ization Project is slowly moving along, but I see a couple of issues in the pipeline that should be uploaded in the next two months. There are a few issues that are now available again for conversion. If you are interested in helping with the project, please send me a line.
Tim Gould

Sunday March 11, 2000: February AADA and Car Wars Events Reports

The third weekend of February was a busy weekend in the Car Wars world. The AADA 2050 U.S. Northwest Regional Dueling Championship was held at RadCon in Pasco, WA by DRAW and a handful of events were at ORRCON 2000 at the Los Angeles Airport held by the Eric Freeman (the AADA Head Ref) and DRACAR. A new page for the reports was just uploaded. Check out the 2050 AADA and Car Wars Events Reports.

And congratulations to Philip "Fool" White of WADA who walked away with the Northwest Regional Championship!

Sunday February 27, 2000: AADA 2050 WRC Tracks

CADC LogoThe Championship Auto-Dueling Circuit (CADC) will be announcing the four tracks that will be used during the AADA 2050 World Racing Champion in the next issue of Tire Tracks, the Official Journal of the CADC. For an sneak peak at that announcement, visit the CADC web site and click on the "AADA WRC" button in the top menubar.

Origins 2000The 2050 WRC will be held at Origins 2000 in Columbus, OH. Qualifying will take place on July 14th and 15th, and the WRC will be on the 16th. The event will be listed in the pre-registration books, so attendance is expected to break the 20 players mark hit last year when the event was omitted from the books. Hope to see you there.

Sunday February 20, 2000: CWRQ Updated

Eric Freeman, the AADA Head Ref, has recently updated the Car Wars Referee Questionnaire (CWRQ). Version 4.1 is now available to help clear up some of the rule conflicts, ambiguities, and variants that exsit in the Car Wars systems. In fact, Eric has revised the format and broken the original into two documents. The second document is called the Other Dueling Questions (ODQ) and it was created because of the plethora of questions that relate to dueling and to keep the Car Wars Referee Questionnaire (CWRQ) somewhat manageable. If you have any rule questions that you need clarification on, please email Eric at and he will either answer your question personally and/or add it to the next update of the CWRQ or ODQ.

Sunday February 6, 2000: AADA 2050 WDC Details taking shape

AADAGen ConDetails of the AADA 2050 World Dueling Championship are starting to take shape. The 2050 WDC will take place at Gen Con 2000 on August 10th - 13th, 2000 in Milwaukee, WI! Eric Freeman (AADA Head Referee) and MJ Daniels (2049 WRC Champion) are putting all the details together. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to come early to learn the game. Players may participate in more than one preliminary round provided there is space.  Top eight cumulative point scorers from the preliminary events will advance to the final.  Regional champions will be awarded points that count towards advancement to the final. Vehicle designs will be provided or players may bring their own for approval. Below is a brief outline of the weekend's schedule:

  • Preliminary 1 - Friday night Aug 11th from 5 pm to 11 pm - Division 10
  • Preliminary 2 - Saturday morning Aug 12th from 10 am to 4 pm - Division 20
  • Preliminary 3 - Saturday night Aug 12th from 7 pm to 1 am - Division 15
  • AADA World Dueling 2050 Championship, Final - Sunday morning Aug 13th from 10 am to 4 pm - Division 30

February 6, 2000: AADA and Car Wars Events in February

AADAThere are a couple of Car Wars events coming up in February:

  • AADA 2050 U.S. Northwest Regional Dueling Championship will be held at RadCon in Pasco, WA on Feb 17-19. Contact Bill Stevenson of DRAW for event details.
  • A couple of Car Wars Events will be held at ORRCON 2000 at the Los Angeles Airport on Feb 18-21. Events include the DRACAR 2049 finale race (contact Dean Gibson for more info.) and a pair of arena battles put on by Eric Freeman (the AADA Head Ref).

Check out the Upcoming AADA and Car Wars Events page for the latest happenings around the American Autoduel Association (AADA).

Monday January 24, 2000: 50 Years Ago Today - Super Armor

"NEW YORK, N.Y., January 21, 2000 – A versatile new composite material made from fibers that are 10 times stronger than steel.....The new composite, 3DPETM, is ideally suited to many applications, from circuit boards for high-frequency communications and radar installations to coatings for human joint implants and bullet proof cars. A solid composite, it is made from ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), a form of plastic in which hundreds of thousands of atoms are strung together in very long chains. It has been manufactured for 15 years as a fiber, but PolyEitan has developed a novel technology to turn it into a solid composite.....[S]uch a light and strong material can be used for bullet-proof armor in helmets and high security cars, among other similar uses."

The complete news release is available at:

Thanks to Steve Jackson for finding this "50 Years Ago Today"!

Tim Gould

January 16, 2000: Upcoming AADA and Car Wars Events

AADAFor the latest happenings around the American Autoduel Association (AADA), check out the Upcoming AADA and Car Wars Events page. This new page lists out dates, places and contacts for upcoming events. If you have a Car Wars event that is open to the general public, please send all the details to Tim Gould, AADA Webmaster ( If you are interested in running an AADA event (regionals, club championship, etc), please contact Elizabeth Lindsay, AADA League Manager (

Sunday January 9, 2000: U.S. Northwest Regional Dueling

DRAWThe Death Race Association of Washington (DRAW) will be hosting the AADA 2050 U.S. Northwest Regional Dueling Championship at RadCon in Pasco, WA on February 17-19. The weekend will feature, a preliminary round using Legos® cars, a 3D Ozark Autoduel arena and another visit to Hanford (3D Midville) for an open ended game.  The final is a 1/24th model destruction game.  It went well last year and gathered many spectators.  DRAW drew in a record 22 players to the game last year and have plans in place to beat it this year!  Due to overwhelming requests, the starting time will be moved back a time block for those late rising players.  This year it starts at noon instead of 8 AM. Contact: Bill Stevenson for more event details.

Sunday January 2, 2000: New Car Wars Site

There is a relatively new Car Wars web site on the net and its called ROAD&TRACK Autoduellist Magazine, an Online Magazine Dedicated to Auto Combatants Everywhere. The site focuses on fan fiction from all around the internet, plus it contains tons of information about autoduelling video games. There are Car Wars playing aids, vehicles, downloads, even some great autoduelling fiction that has appeared in ADQ and more. Steve Jackson was the first to sign the site's Guest Book where he said, "Drive offensively . . ." Be sure to check it out.

Sunday December 26, 1999: Happy Holidays for the AADA

ADQ 9/4 CoverJust in time for the holidays, the HTML version of ADQ 9/4 has been uploaded. It was Paul Gilpin's hard work that made the Winter issue of 2041 available to you in the ADQ Archive. This issue features: a great roleplaying adventure called "The Great ASP Hunt", all the details about Collegiate Autoduelling, "Road Trip" - Car Wars fiction, plus The Cloverleaf Arena in Arena Watch that was written by MJ Daniels, the current AADA World Racing Champion.
Paul did a great job converting this issue considering he didn't know much about HTML before he started working on the project. Thanks a ton Paul.
Tim Gould

Sunday December 12, 1999: New AADA Head Referee

Robert Deis has stepped down from the position of AADA Head Ref. Our thanks for his hard work as he shepherded the AADA through a tough transition!

Our new Head Ref is Eric Freeman. Eric is an avid Car Wars fan who has been playing since high school. He created the Car Wars Referee Questionnaire (CWRQ), used by many players and refs to clarify issues before tournaments. In his spare time, Eric is a Ph.D. candidate in Physics at UCSD.

One of Eric's first tasks will be involved with the planning for the AADA 2050 World Duelling Championship – for which he will also be Duelmaster. It will be held at Gen Con 2000, in Milwaukee, on August 10-13. Come by and meet Eric – and don't forget your ammo.

Steve Jackson

Sunday December 5, 1999: Sunday December 5, 1999: NOVA 2050 Racing Championship

On November 13, 1999, NOVA held its 2050 Club Racing Championship at the Skyfire Aero-Arena, Akron, Ohio. They raced Div. 30 Helicopters with one space of direct fire weapons only. The event lasted for 5 laps or 35 turns and ended with Mike Garrity (AADA 2049 World Dueling Champion and NOVA Club Dueling Champion) in first place, Don Jacques in second, and Norman McMullen in third.

For all the latest information on the groups activities, stop by NOVA's web site. If you would like your clubs results posted here, email the details to Tim Gould at

Sunday November 28, 1999: AADA 2050 World Dueling Championship

The AADA 2050 World Dueling Championship will be held at Gen Con 2000 on August 10th - 13th, 2000 in Milwaukee, WI! Robert Deis, AADA Head Referee, is planning the event and will make certain that the event is registered in time for the pre-registration book. This will help to guarantee higher attendance for the event. If you have input on suggested format, arenas, scoring, etc, feel free to email Robert with your ideas. And start planning your trip now to Milwaukee. We'll see you there.

Sunday November 21, 1999: ADQ 4/1 is Available!

ADQ 4/1 CoverThe HTML version of ADQ 4/1 was just uploaded. You can now view the Spring of 2036 issue of Autoduel Quarterly in the ADQ Archive. This issue features: a story about the Missouri Autoduel Division (MADD), Excerpts from the North American Road Atlas and Survival Guide and a Car Wars Roleplaying Adventure called Midwest Passage. I want to thank Frank Meade who submitted this issue for upload. After viewing the issue I think you'll agree that Frank did a great job converting it!

The newly recharged ADQ HTML-ization Project is taking a bit longer than I hoped, but Car Wars fans should look forward to at least one or two more converted issue before the New Year.

Tim Gould

Sunday November 7, 1999: DRAW's a Lego® Maniac

DRAWThe Death Race Association of Washington (DRAW) held it's October game using Lego®s in a Division 10 event with eight drivers.  Frank "The Vulture" Bonnin won the event followed by "Machine Gun" Kelly Cariker in second and Dave "Chip" Campbell in third. A complete report of the event can be found on the DRAW web site.

Lego® FunThe Lego® cars were great to use with pieces being pulled off to simulate damage.  The event was used as a test for the upcoming AADA Northwest Regionals where DRAW will run a Lego® qualifier on Friday night. DRAW is gearing back up to be ready for an even better tournament this year with 3D Ozark Off-Road Arena and the return of Hanford (Midville).  The final is once again a 1/24th destruction model game and will have some interesting arena features. Check DRAW's LINKS section to find more information about RadCon 3, where it will be held in Pasco, Washington in February.

Big thanks to Bill Stevenson of DRAW for the report. The Lego® picture was taken by Phil "Fritz" Bedard. If you want the results of your Car Wars events published on this site, send the details to Tim Gould at

Sunday October 31, 1999: 2049 AAIE $100K Report

This year's $100K Bloodbath was one of the messiest yet. For those unfamiliar with this event, it is a Div 100 Almost Anything Goes duel that the Associated Autoduelists of the Inland Empire (AAIE)'s President, Edgar "Guru" Lincoln, does each year at Incon in Spokane, WA.  Eight people showed up despite the early hour for the event.  Once again the scale was played in Tonka scale (16" x 8").

The action started with 5 VFRPs guided by a Military TL for an amazing 137 point salvo which was enough to confetti a fully loaded luxury and tied the event's record for fastest kill. The award for quick exit is the 'Kiss Me First' Loving Cup. The craziness continued on from there. Edgar has a complete report of all the excitement. Just send him an email.

Mark your calendars now, the AAIE will be running this event again next year at Incon during the last weekend of October 2000 at the Downtown Doubletree in Spokane, WA.

Wednesday October 27, 1999: In Search of . . .

Now that the volunteers for the ADQ Archive have been recharged and the project is starting to take shape again, I've got another idea for the project while we're waiting for new issues to show up. I figured it would be great to add the cartoons that were on the protective covers that ADQ subscribers found wrapped around their issues when they received them in the mail. Some of that autoduelling humor was hilarious and should be preserved. I'm looking for volunteer(s) to scan the old protective covers and send them to me so I can add them to each issue in the ADQ Archive. If you have any of those covers and you'd be interested in scanning them for me, please send me an email. Be sure to check with me before you start scanning so I don't get a 100 copies of the same projective covers.

-Tim Gould

Sunday October 24, 1999: CADC 2049 Championship

CADC LogoThe Championship Auto-Dueling Circuit (CADC) concluded its eighth season late Saturday night with an Off-Road race at the Louisiana Mudflats and a Can-Am race at the infamous CADC dueltrack, the Detroit International Raceway. This season marked the circuit's first ever 20 race season and fans can look forward to another 20 race season next year. Tim Gould (Team Texas) won the CADC 2049 Individual Point Standings Championship with a 50 point lead over Keith Scherer (Team Australia). The CADC 2049 Team Point Standings Championship went to Matt Hampton and Tim Gould of Team Texas who had a 190 point lead over Keith Scherer and Dave Altz of Team Australia. The 2050 Rookie of the Year went to Dave Altz who beat out the closest rookie by Dirk Ringersma (Team Canada) by 70 points.

If you are interested in racing with the CADC, it will be hosting its First Annual Invitational race on December 4, 2049 to show off the CADC's style of racing and test a few changes for the 2050 season. The Invitational is open to the dueling public. Plus the CADC will be hosting the AADA 2050 World Racing Championship on July 14 - 16, 2050 at Origins'00 in Columbus, OH. If you are interested and would like more information about the CADC, contact Tim Gould or visit the CADC's web site.

Wednesday October 20, 1999: NOVA 2050 Championship

NOVA held its 2050 Club Dueling Championship in the Carter Lake Aqua Arena using Division 20 Boats. The three duelists who participated were Mike Garrity (AADA 2049 World Dueling Champion), Don Jacques, and Norman McMullen. After rounds and rounds of VMGs, incendiary RLs, Torpedoes, HRs, MFRs, sideswiping boats, and floating mines it was Garrity who earned the first kill when his MFR breached Jacques' armor and killed his pilot. But Garrity's armor was also breached and he was taking on water as McMullen closed in on him. The duo exchanged shots for many rounds and Garrity even breached McMullen's side, but Garrity's power plant shorted out due to the rising level of water in his boat and he was forced to bail out and swim to the central island. McMullen coasted to a stop just off-shore of the west edge of the lake in an apparent victory celebration, but things were not over yet. Garrity swam over to McMullen’s boat and a fist fight broke out. The battle lasted for several turns before Garrity delivered the final blow as he picked up his second kill and the victory.

Image going to an Auto Dueling Championship and a fist fight determining the Champion. You've got to love this game!! Thanks to Norman McMullen for the report. Be sure to stop by NOVA's web site for all the latest information on the groups activities.

Sunday October 17, 1999: SHAAG joins the AADA

The AADA would like to welcome its newest chapter, SHAAG. The Southern Hitmen Autoduel Assassin's Guild can be found doing battle in the Greater Memphis, Tennessee Area. If your live near Memphis or are ever in the area, be sure to look them up - don't let the name scare you, they're a bunch of good guys. You can also visit SHAAG on the Web. Their president is John W. Blaylock and their current roster is up to seven. Check out the AADA Active Chapter Registry for SHAAG and the closest Chapter near you. SHAAG has also completed the HTML conversion of ADQ 1/4 and is in the process of submitting the files for upload into the ADQ Archive. Look for it in the next week or so.

Wednesday October 13, 1999: 2049 AAIE $100K

It is short notice, but the 2049 AAIE $100K Bloodbath is coming up this weekend on Saturday, October 16th at Incon starting bright and early at 0900. The Associated Autoduelists of the Inland Empire (AAIE) will be holding their annual event featuring Tonka scale Car Wars with the normal assortment of jumps and whatever weirdness that the GM and AAIE President, Edgar "Guru" Lincoln, can come up with. Incon is at the Downtown Doubletree this year in Spokane, Washington State, just west of Division on Spokane Falls Boulevard. For more information about the event, email Edgar.

Sunday October 10, 1999: ADQ 9/1 is Now Available!!!

ADQ 9/1 CoverA big thanks goes out to Michael Panitz who submitted the HTML version of ADQ 9/1. The Spring of 2041 issue of Autoduel Quarterly is now available in the ADQ Archive. The issue features: Rules and Regulations for AADA Sanctioned Tournament Combat, Cruise Missiles in Car Wars, plus a great story about Meeting the Inlaws.

Volunteers are still needed to help complete the ADQ HTML-ization Project. If you are interested in converting an issue of ADQ to HTML, please email Tim Gould at

Wednesday October 6, 1999: 50 Years Ago Today

Is it Car Wars imitating Life or Life imitating Car Wars? . . .

The 1999 Ig Nobel Prize Winners in the category of peace were Charl Fourie and Michelle Wong of Johannesburg, South Africa, for inventing an automobile burglar alarm consisting of a detection circuit and a flamethrower. It is rightfully called the Blaster and their web site shows still pictures of the flamethrower firing.

A CNN report from December of 1998 explains that flamethrowers are now an available, legal, option for South African vehicles and it includes a 30 second QuicktimeTM movie of the weapon in action. The Blaster squirts liquefied gas from a bottle in the automobile's trunk through two nozzles, located under the front doors. The gas is then ignited by an electric spark, with fiery consequences.

As an added bonus, it will not damage the vehicle's paint job. Market analysts expect to see Uncle Albert using this added benefit in his marketing campaign for the Blaster.

Sunday October 3, 1999: Coming Soon - AADA Upcoming Events Page

Elizabeth Lindsay (AADA League Manager) is putting together the AADA Upcoming Events Page. It will list out the latest happenings around the American Autoduel Association. The page will include all the contact information so interested players can join the mayhem and excitement. Elizabeth needs your help to complete the first upload of the page. If you are planning an AADA Event within the next 12 to 18 months, i.e. a regional championship, Car Wars demos, etc., please contact her at If you are looking to drum up new players for your AADA event(s), this could be your link to them.

Wednesday September 29, 1999: The ADQ HTML-ization Project

The ADQ HTML-ization Project has pulled out of the garage and has starting down the road again. It's packing Twin Anti-Tank Guns with APFSDS ammo with tons of armor now, so we don't expect it to be knocked off the road this time!!!

I've heard back from most of the volunteers and I now know the status of those the conversions of ADQ to HTML. New volunteers are still needed to help complete the project. If you are interested in helping, please email me at I expect to have an issue or two to upload in the next week or two. Keep visiting the site to see what's new. You can view the ADQ issues that have been converted to date by visiting the Autoduel Quarterly Archive.

-Tim Gould (AADA Webmaster)

Sunday September 26, 1999: Sunday September 26, 1999: AADA Hall of Fame

You asked for it and now you've got it. The AADA Hall of Fame is now available and updated through the 2049 World Championships. There is still some information that we are gathering (arena names & group associations), but now the AADA World Champions can be be found in one listing. This new page also includes links to both of the 2049 World Championships reports. Links to the previous reports will be coming soon.....

Wednesday September 22, 1999: New Car Wars Fiction

Back From Hell Back From Hell is the latest Car Warriors fiction story. It is written by Mick Farren and is said to be one gritty story. The book is now available from Warehouse 23. Welcome to the world of the Car Warriors – the freeways of the future where the right of way goes to the biggest guns.

Sunday September 19, 1999: How to Contact the AADA

Here's some tips if you need to contact the AADA for any reason.

  • Elizabeth Lindsay is the AADA League Manager. Her email address is Elizabeth should be contacted regarding the following topics:
    • Coordination of AADA events, i.e. Worlds, Regionals, etc.
    • Questions about forming a new AADA Chapter or updating information for a current AADA Chapter.
    • Any general questions regarding the AADA
  • Robert Deis is the AADA Head Referee. His email address is Robert is the main source for Official Rulings regarding rule questions. Players are encouraged to email Robert any questions they have regarding Car Wars rules. The Official Rulings will soon be published on the Car Wars Web Site.
  • Tim Gould is the AADA Webmaster. His email address is He is responsible for maintaining the Car Wars Web Site and should be contacted for the following topics:
    • Problems or questions concerning the site.
    • Reports about AADA Chapters activities for posting in the AADA News Archive, i.e. event reports, new president announcements, etc.
    • The ADQ HTMLizing project is now Tim's responsible. Anyone who is currently working on a conversion or is interested should contact Tim.
    • Suggestions or requests for the site.

Wednesday September 15, 1999: AADA 2049 World Dueling Championship

The American Audodueling Association wishes to congratulate Michael Garrity on winning the 2049 AADA World Dueling Championships. MJ Daniels, this year's AADA World Racing Champion, was head referee for the rounds held at Gen Con '99 over August 5th through the 8th. Congratulations are also offered to second place winner Darrin Marquez, third place winner Norman McMullen, Gold Cross Honorable Mention winner Glen Bucher and all others who entered the event.

Due to some technical difficulties, the photo of Michael celebrating his victory in the winner's circle that was mentioned in the previous news posting will not available. MJ did a great job of writing the report from the point of view of a TV Announcer at the duel. Full play-by-play details of the final round of the 2049 WDC is now available.

Sunday September 12, 1999: AADA 2049 World Dueling Championship Report

The finishing touches are being added to the American Audodueling Association's 2049 World Dueling Championship Report. MJ Daniels, this year's AADA World Racing Champion, was head referee for the event. MJ wrote a very entertaining report from the point of a TV Announcer at the duel. Plus it features many pictures right from the event, including the new World Dueling Champion celebrating his victory standing outside of his dueling vehicle in winner's circle. The report will be available on Wednesday September 15, 2049. The report is worth the little extra wait.

Wednesday September 8, 1999: NOVA hosts Central Regional at Concussion

On June 5, 2049, NOVA hosted the first Central Regional Dueling and Racing Championships held in Nebraska in many years. Attendance was primary made up of drivers from NOVA, but that did not stop the mayhem

  • Washington Park Arena was the site for the Dueling event where Mike Garrity picked up two kills to claim the top spot followed by Don Jacques in second and Norman McMullen in third. Garrity's two kills came from an 80 mph t-bone ram on McMullen and napalm mines setting Jacques' tires on fire.
  • Aerodrome Racetrack was the location for the Racing event and Garrity continued his winning ways to finish in front of McMullen in second and Jacques in third. Jacques posted the highest speed at 285 mph, but he pushed his power plant over the limit and blew up.

For more information about NOVA, be sure to visit their site at If you have Regional or Club Championships to report on, send the information to Tim Gould.

Wednesday September 1, 1999: CADC to host the AADA 2050 World Racing Championships

Start making plans to attend the American Autoduel Association's 2050 World Racing Championships which will be on July 13th-16th at Origins'00 in Columbus, OH. The CADC has accepted the challenge to host the event again with the promise to make it bigger and better than the 2049 event. Be sure to watch the AADA page for updates about the event. More detailed information will be coming in the next few months, but start planning your trip now. The Origins'00 site has not opened yet, but for more information about the con, check out the Origins'99 site.

Wednesday August 25, 1999: AADA Active Chapters Page

American Autoduel Association Active Chapters page has been updated with the latest and greatest information.  The AADA Active Charters page will be maintained with the up-to-date information to provide players a one stop page to find AADA Charters in their area. Updates, changes and corrections to this page should be sent to  Visit the AADA main page for more information about the AADA and forming a own AADA Charter.

Sunday August 22, 1999: New AADA Webmaster

The American Autoduel Association welcomes Tim Gould of the Championship Auto-Dueling Circuit (CADC) as its new Webmaster. Most recently, Tim ran the AADA 2049 World Racing Championships at Origins'99 in July and has been running the CADC almost since its beginning back in 2036. Tim's primary duty will be the updating and maintaining the Car Wars Website. He will be assisting Rob Deis (AADA Head Referee) and Elizabeth Lindsay (AADA League Manager) as they revamp the site for both style and content. The changes to the site can be expected to be gradual over the next couple of months to ensure quality and prevent information overload, but visitors to the site can look forward to two news updates a week, Wednesdays and Sundays to learn the latest happenings around the Car Wars World.

One of Tim's first projects is to get the ADQ Archive Project back online. You can help convert the ADQ collection to HTML format! Please drop Tim Gould a line if you are currently working a conversion or are interested in helping.

Wednesday August 18, 1999: AADA World Racing Championship Results

The AADA and the CADC is very proud to congratulate MJ Daniels (Riverside, IL - AADA 2049 WDC Referee) for winning the AADA 2049 World Racing Championship held at Origins'99 in Columbus, OH. He was followed very closely by Mark Pittman (Royal Oak, MI - CADC) who placed second and Dana Madsen (Canada) who finished third. Congratulations to all 20 drivers who entered the event. The CADC enjoyed hosting the event and looks forward to being invited back again in the future to host many more AADA racing championships. For a quick summary of the WRC Finals, visit the CADC's Website. A special WRC edition of Tire Tracks (the Official Journal of the CADC) should be out by the end of July to cover all the details of the event.

Thursday April 29, 1999: AADA Central Regional Championship Announced

Norman McMullen and the New Omaha Vehicular Association will host the AADA Central Regionals at ConCussion, June 4-6 in Omaha, Nebraska.  Two titles are offered in the Central region this year- Racing Champion and Duelling Champion.  See NOVA's website for more info.

Wednesday April 21, 1999: AADA Returns to Origins

The American Autoduelling Association is proud to announce the 2049 World Racing Championships to be held at Origins, July 1-4.

The event may not be in the online regestration as yet, but we'll be there, refereed by Mr. Tim Gould of the Championship Autoduelling Circuit. For full details, check out the CADC Website

Tuesday January 19, 1999: Upcoming Tournaments for February

Three big convention tournaments are scheduled to occur over the 11-14th of next month.

  1. 2049 AADA Northwest Regional Championship hosted by D.R.A.W. at Radcon 2C. Because of the large turnout expected, D.R.A.W is encouraging people to regester early. To do so, visit the D.R.A.W. website or drop a line to Bill Stevens. This tournament will feature small scale models of all the qualifying arenas, (including a model of Midville!) and the final will be held in 1/24th scale, on an 18' arena! Thanks to D.R.A.W. for setting up what promises to be a fantastic show.
  2. SoCal duelling is on the rise again, and duellists in that area can look forward to MicroMachine(TM) and Matchbox(TM) scale setups for a multi-round tournament at Strategicon This event will be a great kick-off for the spring season there, which we hope will conclude with regional level tournament in early summer.
  3. R.M.A.D.A returns to GhengisCon for the fourth running of Car Wars Bumper Tag. This innovative arena match is a favorite amongst the Rocky Mountain crowd because of the incredible variety of viable design strategies. Past winners have used slow twin-AT cars, super-light and mostly unarmed indy cars, and everything in between. As in the past, Bumper Tag will be held in a 16 foot Matchbox(TM) scale rendition of the Dumbarton Slalom.
Get to one of these great matches and meet your fellow duellists! Or, if you're just too far, set up your own tournament at a convention or game store near you and email the Man in Black to announce it here.

Wednesday January 13, 1999: Hot Asphalt Duelling Circuit Debuts

Dr. Death has published a new arena book on the High Velocity Duelling website. Hot Asphalt describes the rough and gritty duelling leagues and arenas of the Southwest. Check it out, and add the Southwest to your duelling schedule! Also, be sure to check previous news for information on February tournaments and some hints toward the 2049 AADA World Championship!

Thursday, January 7, 1999: We're Alive!

S John has left SJG, but a new AADA President is about to be appointed. Discussion about the 2049 AADA World Championship has begun on the Pyramid Magazine Car Wars message board. We won't guarentee that the AADA's new president will grant your requests about this year's match, but he will listen to them.

Also: Big thanks to Steven Vawter and Michael Owen for collecting some old documents. Steve's html conversion of all the ADQ archives will be flowing into the ADQ archive webspace over the next few weeks. We hope that this new resource will help all those of you that haven't found your own set of ADQ's yet!