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January 5, 2011: Steering The GURPS-Mobile Into 2011

What would a new year be without a little wild-eyed speculation? And why should we GURPS pundits engage in less of that than all the other nuts out there? I mean, we actually have drafts sitting around, and PDFs queued up for art and review. Why, our guesses resemble promises more than they do crazy theories!

The big hardback release of 2011 will be GURPS Horror, by Ken Hite. It's written, edited, and laid out, so it would take a disaster (or a ban on scary horror art) to keep this book from escaping in the new year. Ken already has a supporting item written, too: GURPS Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror. And he's working on a second one.

GURPS Horror won't be the only big release of the year, of course. We know that lots of people are waiting for Hans-Christian Vortisch's GURPS Tactical Shooting, which will be the realistic follow-up to GURPS Gun Fu. Those who prefer love to war are holding out for GURPS Social Engineering, by Bill Stoddard. But the warmongers will win in the end, because a print version of David Pulver's GURPS Mass Combat is all but certain.

Another important 2011 happening will be the release of a new series by our own Jason "PK" Levine. It's an open secret that this is called GURPS Monster Hunters, and that it's a "ready to play" genre treatment in the vein of GURPS Action and GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. The theme? Modern-day heroes using axes, silver bullets, flamethrowers, holy water, prayers, spells, and every other weapon in the natural and supernatural arsenal to hunt down Bad Things from A (albino alligators) to Z (zombies) yes, including toothy blood-suckers, both vamps and chupacabras. We already have two volumes laid out, a third one in review, and yet another well on its way.

Several established series will see new growth, too. The GURPS Low-Tech line-up is going to get GURPS Low-Tech Companion 3: Daily Life and Economics (by Matt Riggsby and Bill Stoddard) and GURPS Low-Tech: Instant Armor (by Dan Howard). We have at least three items on deck for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy, including the first volumes of the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventures and GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Monsters sub-series. We also have three brand-new Transhuman Space supplements lined up. Oh, and we have the third GURPS Power-Ups project in the works.

And series aren't the only existing publications we plan to support. We have PDFs in the pipeline to follow GURPS Banestorm and GURPS Powers. We also have David Pulver working on GURPS Psi-Tech, the fourth psi-themed PDF after GURPS Psionic Powers, GURPS Psionic Campaigns, and GURPS Psis. Among other things.

I'm reluctant to hint at more than that just yet, but I'll confirm that we're working extra-hard to bring you more GURPS Locations (like Metro of Madness and The Tower of Octavius). We're not letting GURPS Reign of Steel vanish into the mists of time. We have several offerings from new authors. And we're plugging away at two licensed items (I really can't give out hints here, sorry!).

-- Sean Punch

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