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August 7, 2021: Game Day & Charities For Andrew Hackard

We recently held a small game day in honor of Andrew Hackard thanks to one of his local hangouts, Wonko's Toys & Games, a great local game store. Old friends and new came out to play games, and Andrew's parents came by to share fond memories. It was a great day of fun – just what Andrew would have wanted. 

The Hackards also shared the names of a few charities that they have donated to in Andrew's honor, so I thought we'd share those here as well. Many folks have asked us if there was any way they could donate or send flowers. If you are so inclined, send a donation to the National Brain Tumor SocietyHospice Austin, or Brush Square Museums Foundation, all very worthy foundations. The first two support through direct medical support. The Brush Square Museums Foundation hosts the O. Henry Pun-Off, an event Andrew loved. 

-- Hunter Shelburne

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