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August 29, 2021: Gaming At Mox Boarding House


Earlier this month, I spent a little time in Oregon visiting with friends. The global pandemic taught me that I can work remotely for a large part of the time, so I'm getting out when possible, working days from hotels and enjoying life during the off-hours.

In Portland, a few friends and I reserved the Rose Room at Mox Boarding House on a Saturday afternoon. We played games, enjoyed a fabulous lunch, and had the opportunity to sit and chat in peace. It was every bit as fun and relaxing as it sounds!

What did we play? Hero Realms, of course, as well as Yahtzee: Steal the Deal and Age of War, which made me regret that I didn't drag my copy of Risk Express along on the trip. Cold War: CIA vs KGB also found its way to the table when there were only two of us there, but I neglected to toss Star Wars: Empire vs Rebellion into my bag, so that was a missed back-to-back event. Maybe next time.

If you're in the Portland area and looking for a space to meet friends for games and a meal, I recommend taking a look at Mox Boarding House. The staff and location were equally amazing, and I will absolutely do this again the next time I am nearby.

Does your local game store also offer private gaming space? Please let me know, because I'd love to have some great game stores to visit when I'm on the road.

-- Phil Reed

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