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March 9, 2010: Color(s) of Insanity

Cthulhu Dice As previously reported, Cthulhu Dice will come in four colors -- green, purple, black, and yellow. In your friendly local game store, you'll be able to grab whichever color -- or colors; they are, after all, only $4.99 each! -- strikes your fancy. (If you don't know where your FLGS is, may we suggest our Retailer Finder?)

If you're lacking a FLGS for whatever reason, Warehouse 23 will of course be carrying Cthulhu Dice in all its many colors. Due to the ethereal nature of online ordering, however, please be extra sure the stock number you're ordering is indeed the color you desire. Of course, if you're quite happy with a random color, we can accommodate you as well. Heck, if you want one of each, we can do that as well.

-- Paul Chapman

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