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March 15, 2010: Hee Hee, Butt Jokes

Transhuman Space Classic: Deep Beyond Let it not be said that there are no GURPS books about Uranus. Among other things, Transhuman Space Classic: Deep Beyond covers Uranus quite thoroughly. It exposes Uranus' secrets, probing deep into Uranus to . . .

Okay, okay, I'll stop. Actually, Deep Beyond has more stuff about Jupiter and Saturn than Uranus. In fact, it's 160 pages of info on everything from the asteroid belt on. But where's the fun in that? I mean it just doesn't compare when you hold it up against "have you seen the rings around Uranus" or "so just how big is Uranus, anyway," or "I wonder if we'll find life on Uranus" or . . .

Sorry, I did say I'd stop, didn't I? Right. Well, the other new release on e23 is Transhuman Space: Teralogos News - 2101, Third Quarter, the latest and lastest in the free Teralogos series. I'm not about to make that one the butt of a joke. That'd be a terrible way to end the bottom of this post. (. . . Sorry.)

-- Fox Barrett

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