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May 1, 2022: Giant Munchkin Level Dice Now Available


Last year, we created and released a one-pound Munchkin level die. Yes, a one-pound die. It is a monster and was a popular item with those who believe that excessive and ridiculous dice are an important part of any game. The red ten-sided die looked so incredible, and received such a wonderful response, that we've now released three more of these giant dice.

We also slightly modified the package, including new Munchkin game cards with the giant level die. The red die didn't include these cards; only the three new colors come with these new Munchkin game cards that work directly with the oversized level die.

Our first shipment of these giant dice has arrived and we've listed them for sale at our online store, Warehouse 23. There's another shipment expected later this summer, and we will make sure to offer them in the upcoming Munchkin polyhedral dice Kickstarter campaign. We've not yet announced the Munchkin polyhedral dice project, though, so please keep that under your hat. It's a secret.

Please follow us on Kickstarter  Steve Jackson Games and Warehouse 23  to receive notice when we launch new campaigns.

-- Phil Reed

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