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May 31, 2022: 105 Of The Cutest Munchkin Cards Ever!

Katie Cook is an artistic genius! Her adorable creature designs and illustrations bring a level of squee to the game that always makes us grin when we watch someone discover Katie's work. Better still, she is easy to work with and a professional, always nailing the target with her amazing artwork.

Over the last few years, Katie has worked on several Munchkin games and expansions, some of which include:

  • Munchkin Petting Zoo - 30 new cards that are ready to drop into your original Munchkin game. Monsters need affection!
  • Munchkin Kittens - Multiple printings and formats can't be wrong! This is easily one of the best-selling Munchkin mini-expansions we've ever produced, its success clearly because kitties are cute and Katie's art leans into the adorbs zone hard.
  • Munchkin Puppies - It would be wrong of us to produce a pack of kitty cards and not give puppies the same attention, right?
  • Munchkin Unicorns - Originally part of a larger pack, Unicorns is now available in a stand-alone set! You will also want to add the Unicorn Dice to your game . . . because you like unicorns. We know you do.

If you want to add an unavoidable level of cute to your games, any – or all! – of these packs shuffled into your next Munchkin session will amplify the happiness and joy for everyone at the table.

-- Phil Reed

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