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May 30, 2022: Steve Jackson's One Roll Quest Now Available!


Previously only offered in a few of our crowdfunding campaigns, One Roll Quest is now available at our online store, Warehouse 23. This small boxed game was designed as a fast-playing diversion to keep the storytellers in the audience entertained as they wait for the slower players to arrive for game night. One of the lightest roleplaying games you'll ever play, One Roll Quest starts and comes to a close within seconds . . . it is your elaborate storytelling skills that extend gameplay beyond the roll of the die loaded with dice.

A Whole Adventure In One Die Roll!

Choose your character. Roll the special die . . . ONCE. That's all it takes to have a quick adventure with ORQ. You might find treasure. You might find fame. You might die . . . Play it anywhere! Then make up a lot of lies about what happened along the way!

This is a great game to play BEFORE the game you play before you start the real game.

One Roll Quest is only available direct from Warehouse 23, the Steve Jackson Games webstore. If you're a store owner who would like to stock this and other Steve Jackson Games titles in your store, please email retailers@sjgames.com for information on setting up your direct sales account today.

-- Phil Reed

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