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May 14, 2022: Knock Is The Best Fantasy RPG Zine You're Not Reading

When the first Knock Kickstarter campaign closed in late 2020, I was one of the backers, though I really wasn't certain what to expect from the inaugural issue of this new fantasy RPG zine. I figured the Kickstarter page looked good enough that it was worth giving the project a shot . . . and I am glad that I did! That first issue was amazing. Packed with random tables, monsters, and all sorts of OSR articles by different creators, I found inspiration throughout the attractive, professionally designed and printed softcover zine. I happily backed the second Kickstarter, and the third, and I'm all set with my money for the fourth issue once it goes to Kickstarter.

Clearly I wasn't alone in my opinion of that first issue. Where the first project closed out at 1,600 backers, the second went over 2,700, and the third closed at over 2,900 supporters! I won't be surprised at all if #4 tops the 3,000 backer mark; an incredible performance for an indie RPG zine.

The first issue is no longer available in print, but the second and third can be found right now at the official website. If you're a fantasy RPG gamemaster, regardless of your system of choice, Knock is worth a look.

-- Phil Reed

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