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May 18, 2022: Pathfinder Revolution! Crowdfunding Campaign


Later this summer, we're take the new edition of Revolution! -- which has been unavailable for too many years -- to crowdfunding as Pathfinder Revolution! This newest edition starts with the core Revolution! game as the base and then picks our favorite bits from the expansions to create the ultimate version of the game.

We're crowdfunding this new edition and have a single stretch goal that, if unlocked, prints the bid boards and gameboards double-sided. If the stretch goal is unlocked, the game may be played as a three or four player event, or you can flip the bid boards and game board over for the five or six player experience!

So that we're as ready as possible, we've already worked with the factory to create test copies of Pathfinder Revolution! By taking this step early, and completing all of the design and development work before launching the crowdfunding campaign, we minimize the risk of project delays. If the project succeeds and the stretch goal is unlocked, then we'll be in a position to call the factory and say "print it!" with no extra work needed by our creative team.

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-- Phil Reed

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