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May 4, 2022: Zombie Dice On Tabletop . . . One Decade Later!

How has it been a decade since the episode of Tabletop featuring Zombie Dice first went live? Ten years gone in a flash, but at least we can still enjoy those older episodes of Tabletop thanks to the power of YouTube and video streaming. A lot has changed in the last decade – in the world of gaming and the larger world in general – but at least we consistently continue seeing Zombie Dice in our annual top ten sellers list. That's a remarkable achievement for any title, and we are thankful each month when new players are introduced to this fast-playing dice game.

If you've never seen the Tabletop episode featuring Zombie Dice, or if you simply want to relive this classic gaming touchstone, check out the video! Then, if you want a second look at how to play Zombie Dice, don't miss this recent video by Watch it Played.

-- Phil Reed

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