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May 2, 2022: Jerry Corrick

On of my earliest convention memories with Steve Jackson Games was the kindness, humor, and generosity of Jerry Corrick. For many years, Jerry and the Adventure Retail team managed the bulk of our convention sales  especially at all of the biggest shows  and conventions were always more fun when Jerry was there exhibiting his love of gaming and gamers. From the exact change dance to tirelessly working behind the scenes to make every convention run as smoothly as possible, Jerry was an unstoppable force in game sales and always did his best to make everyone's con experience just a little bit brighter.

Last week, we learned that Jerry is no longer with us. This is a terrible loss to the industry, and those of us who worked with, gamed with, and had fantastic post-con dinners with Jerry are left with a hole that cannot be filled. Thank you, Jerry, for all you did and for your unwavering willingness to give us the benefit of your incredible experience and unending friendship.

-- Phil Reed

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