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Here's an alphabetical listing of the articles by a particular author. Articles which were compiled by several people (such as advantages and disadvantages in early Roleplayers) are listed under "Various." Articles which are not attributed to anyone are listed under "Unknown." I'm sorting by first letters of last names, ignoring apostrophes, and not grouping Mac/Mc together.

Questions and Answers and "Short Notes" authors are not listed here.

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William F. Adams: NPC Record Card

Aaron Allston: GM's Library

W.G. Armintrout:
Conan Beyond Thunder River: From the Cutting-Room Floor
Return to Nightmare City: New Sectors for Flight 13


Norman Banduch:
Attack from Above
Jennifer Blake, Car Warrior

Sean Barrett:
Illusion and Creation 575: Epistemological Calculus: So You Want To Be A Wizard?
Public Key Encryption: Cryptography for Everyone
Stellar Windjammers: The Magnetic Sail Space Drive

Stephen Beeman: Prime Time Roleplaying; Producing a TV Series Campaign

Drew Bittner:
Enchantment 101: Mass-Producing Magic Items
Wondrous Widgets: More Outtakes from GURPS Magic Items 2

Loyd Blankenship:
Give Me A Hand: Updated Rules for Extra & Enhanced Limbs
GURPS Supers Designer's Article
High-Tech Low-Life: GURPS Cyberpunk Teasers
Look! Up on the Shelf! The Return of GURPS Supers
Realms of the Mind: New GURPS Cyberpunk Net Environments
The Shadow Eaters: Vampires in a Cyberpunk Campaign

Christopher Burke: Combining GURPS Horror with The Prisoner: The Village is a Frightening Place


Hernán Ruiz Camauër: Just One More Point: Optional Rules for Character Creation

J.M. Caparula: Riverworld and the Village: Combining Two Unique Backgrounds

C.J. Carella:
Building a Better 'Borg: Advanced Bionics Rules
Larger Than Life: Point Management for High-Powered Campaigns
We Don't Need No Steekin' Lasers: Ultra-Tech Slugthrowers
Zen and the Art of Game Design: Martial Arts Designer's Article

Robert L. Collins:
Bleeding Kansas: An Old West Campaign in the Civil War
Bronze Skeletons: Magical Monsters – or Machines?
Seven Heros: Practical Hints for the "Seven" Scenario

J.C. Connors & Brian McAuliffe: Make Your Best Better: Okinawan Martial Arts Styles

J.C. Connors: Organic is for Wimps! Robots in GURPS Supers

Earl S. Cooley III: High-Tech Low-Life: Cyberpunk GURPS

Michael Cule: A Whole New World: GURPS on Hârn


Graeme Davis:
Black Dogs, Church Grims and Hell Hounds: Supernatural Canines in British Folklore
Norse Trolls: Monstrous Foes for Viking Adventure

David Ellis Dickerson:
Cthulhu Lives! Lovecraftian Horror in GURPS
Super-Pansies: Diagnosis and Treatment: Making It Without Mega-Powers
Super System Switching: Converting Hero to GURPS

Ann Dupuis:
Lead: It's Not Just For Bullets: Miniatures and Accessories for the Old West
Legends of the Old West: Famous Western Heros and Badmen
The Noble Steed: Character Design Rules for Horses
Quick Learning Under Pressure
Trouble at the High Tide Saloon: Brawling, Western Style


Jerry Epperson: NPC Allies in GURPS

Lisa Evans: Women as Swashbucklers


Nigel Findley: Playing With Your Mind: Secret Knowledge from GURPS Illuminati

John M. Ford:
I'm Not Dead Yet! An Optional Wound System for GURPS
One Solar System? What Good Is That?


J. David George: The United Church as a Patron (GURPS Humanx)

Carl Aaron Gerriets: Seen In A Different Light: Making Old Disadvantages New

William Wilson Goodman Jr.: Preliminary Bout: Starting an Adventure with a Bang!


Tom Henrichs: A Half-Dozen Gaki to Go: More Hungry Ghosts for GURPS Japan

Mike Hurst:
Table of Organization Diagrams (GURPS Special Ops)
Weapons and Armor in GURPS Space: Part 1 of 2
Weapons and Armor in GURPS Space: Part 2 of 2


Ben Iglauer: Primary Sources: Reviews of Gameable Fiction: Bruce Sterling's "Mechanist/Shaper" Universe


Steve Jackson:
Alien Race: Sparrials
Attack from Above
Combat Rules in the Basic Set
C-punk Outtakes: Near Misses from GURPS Cyberpunk
Disadvantages for GURPS from Roleplayer #1
Fanzines Forever! Freedom of the Press Belongs to Those Who Own One
Giganthropus: A New Race for GURPS Ice Age (and other games)
Give Me A Hand: Updated Rules for Extra & Enhanced Limbs
In The Nick Of Time: Rescue Adventures for Time Travel
Intimidation and Ineptness: New Skill Rules for GURPS
Primary Sources: Reviews of Gameable Fiction: Allan Cole and Chris Bunch's "Sten" Books
Primary Sources: Reviews of Gameable Fiction: Bujold and The Integral Trees
Primary Sources: Reviews of Gameable Fiction: John Varley's "Titan" Trilogy
Primary Sources: Reviews of Gameable Fiction: W.F. Saint's "Memoirs of an Invisible Man"
Realms of the Mind: New GURPS Cyberpunk Net Environments
SJ Games Raided! A Reality Check on GURPS Cyberpunk
Writing for GURPS: Getting Your Foot in the Door

Marc Janssen: Ice Magics from the Frozen North: Water/Ice College Spells

Mark Johnson:
GURPS Wild Cards Preview
Making a Super: Designing Characters in GURPS Supers

Stefan Jones:
Uplift Engineering: GURPS Uplift Designer's Notes
A Whale of a Ship: GURPS Space Adventure Seed
We Who Harvest Souls: A Science Fiction Super-Race


Tim Keating: Laying It On The Line: Ley Lines: An Alternate System of Magic

Jeff Koke: Writing for GURPS: The Art of Adventure Writing


David Ladyman: GURPS The Prisoner Designer's Article

Martha Ladyman: Jennifer Blake, Car Warrior

Creede Lambard: 37 Billion NPCs (GURPS Riverworld article)

Robin D. Laws: Zo Do Wabda and the Water Woman: A Tale From GURPS Fantasy II: The Mad Lands

Richard LeDuc: Sleep: Advanced Rules for Fatigue and Recovery

Barry Link:
Bring 'Em Back Alive! A Cliffhangers, Old West or Special Ops Adventure
The Double-Blind Arena: Realistic One-on-One Combat


Brian Mackintosh: That's Powerful Stuff! Making Magic Even Stronger

Darren Madigan: Local Color: Human, Yes, But What Kind of Human?

Henrik Martensson: Do You Want To Live Forever? Immortal Characters And Campaigns

Phil Masters: The Sultan's Turret in a Noose of Light: Writing GURPS Arabian Nights

Scott Paul Maykrantz:
Bestiary: The Yrl-Tree: An Enlightening Encounter
Cheating the Reaper: The Deus ex Machina in GURPS Cliffhangers
Demons! New Summoning Spells and Expanded Generation Tables
The Isle of Night: A Horror Adventure
Orctown: the Most Dangerous Place on Yrth
Scaring Your Players: Ten Tips for GURPS Horror
Too Much of a Good Thing: Saving Some Gadgets for the Next Adventure

J.C. Connors & Brian McAuliffe: Make Your Best Better: Okinawan Martial Arts Styles

Chris W. McCubbin:
Coming Detractions: Your Life is Worthless Without These Books
Enhanced Beasts: Creating Intelligent Animal Races
The Fight's Over Already? Optional Rules for Pacing Combat
Ifrits: A New Race
The One-Minute Jouster: Quick Tournament Rules
What's In the Chest? Outtakes from GURPS Magic Items

John Miller:
GURPS Wild Cards Preview
Wild Cards Comes to Roleplaying

Walter Milliken, playtester extraordinaire:
Thar's Gold in Them Thar Skills
Using (and Abusing) Eidetic Memory
Accentuating the Negative
Where Do You Get Those Crazy Characters?
Spell Dependency Charts
PCs Do It by Default

Michael Moe: The Minotaur: A New Nonhuman Race for MTM

Bruce Morton: New Monster: Grendel


Janet Naylor: Everything About Yrth: Writing GURPS Fantasy, Second Edition

Seán Nicolson: The Michaelites: Lawmen in the Lands of Ytarria


Charles Oines: The Snagger: A Surprise for Science Fiction or Fantasy Campaigns

Rich Ostorero: Converting a Campaign to GURPS: How to Help Players Make the Break

Steffan O'Sullivan:
Building Better Battles: Five Optional Rules for Advanced Combat
Christian Clerics in Yrth: Ideas for Divinely-Granted Powers
Dire Wolves & Pack Tactics: A Preview of the GURPS Bestiary
The Gift of Tongues: Optional Language Rules for GURPS
GURPS Swashbucklers Designer's Article
Historical Alchemical Elixirs for GURPS Magic
Improvisational Magic as the Only Magic
Inherent Magic (Knacks) as the Only Magic
Just Watch This One! Expanding the Acrobatics Skill with Maneuvers
Magic Affinities as a Limiting Factor: Aspected Magery as a Tool for Game Balance
Specters: Options for the Uneasy Dead
Stalking the Mythical Monsters (GURPS Fantasy Bestiary Designer's Article)
Talismans: A Look At Historical Charms and Amulets
Very Basic Melee Combat: Really Simple Shortcuts for Really Quick Battles


Paul Paquet: Making Time Travel Live: How To Research, and When To Stop

David Pulver:
Gadgets, Lots of Gadgets! (Ultra-Tech Designer's Article)
I Laugh At Your Puny Blasters! Ultra-Tech Armor
More Bang For The Buck: Ultra-Tech Grenades
More Ultra-Technology: New Super-Science Gadgets
The Next Best Thing to Human: Androids for GURPS Cyberpunk
Psi Amplifiers: A New Psionic Device for GURPS
Ultra Weapons, Ultra Healing: New Devices and Weapon Table


Donald Qualls: Spellcasting By The Book: Librams in the Magical Campaign


S. John Ross:
A Matter of Principle: Self-Imposed Mental Disadvantages
Like the Back of My Hand: Further Definition for the Area Knowledge Skill
New Methods of Divination

Craig Russell: Secrets: A New Disadvantage for GURPS


Peggy and Bob Schroeck:
The Once and Future Legend: Writing GURPS Camelot
Robin Hood Across Time and Space: Theme and Variations

Robert (Bob) Schroeck: International Super Politics: The Birth of GURPS IST

Andrea Sfiligoi:
Creatures of Fear: Monsters from Medieval Legend
Ice Age Stalker: Horror From the Dawn of Time
The Wolfmaster: A Feral Fiend from French Folklore

John Sgammato: Are You and Your Players Playing the Same Game? Matching Play Style with GM Style

Craig Sheeley: Langley Manor 2037

Brett Slocum:
The Complete Powerstone
GURPS Mass Combat: Generic Land Battle Rules for GURPS
Paganism on Yrth


Kirk Wilson Tate:
Cavemen and Conquistadors: Campaign Suggestions for Ice Age
The Hospitallers in Yrth

Daniel U. Thibault:
Try a Little Bit Harder: Expanded Rules for Extra Effort
What's In the Chest? Outtakes from GURPS Magic Items


Brian J. Underhill:
And In This Episode . . . (GURPS Cliffhangers Designer's Article)
A New Advantage for GURPS: Contacts

AADA Circuit Example
Back At The Magic Shop: Outtakes from GURPS Magic Items 2
Bleeding, Suffocation and Knock-Out Damage: Three New Ways to Knock 'Em Down!
Building Character (New Advantages and Disadvantages from Roleplayer #18)
Changes to Firearm Damage from 2nd ed. to 3rd ed.
Cops in GURPS
Danielle Adair, Car Warrior
The Grimoire of Gathianol: Knowledge College Spells
GURPS Ice Age: Not Just For Cavemen
Heraldry in Autoduel America
Laser Guidance and Targeting Lasers in GURPS Autoduel
New Hit Location Table
New Necromantic Spell from Roleplayer #4
New Rules for Wealth and Jobs, from Roleplayer #6
New Skill: Hiking
New Spells from the Aery Guild: Air College Spells
Split Health in GURPS
Take Your Pick – in GURPS


Fiendish Powerstone Quirks
GURPS Options
New Advantages and Disadvantages from Roleplayer #25
New Disadvantages From Roleplayer #8
New GURPS Disadvantages from Roleplayer #4

Stu Venerable, Jr.: I Hated Them, So I Killed Them: Limiting Mages Without Mass Murder


Charles Wheatley:
Concentrated Defense: Protecting Your Vital Interests
Mana-pulations: Tools & Techniques for Balancing Magical Adventures




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