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A U G U S T   2 0 1 1 

GURPS Horror

It's back . . . and the fear has grown!

GURPS Horror, Fourth Edition, is the latest incarnation of one of the most popular GURPS supplements ever . . . and now it's been given a new lease on unnatural life by horror master Kenneth Hite. Its time-tested advice on running scary campaigns has been expanded to include current trends and tropes, showing you how to run everything from old-fashioned Gothic and supernatural horror to the latest J-horror, survival horror, and torture horror. The famous bibliography of unspeakable tomes and frightening films has grown to match. And the monsters return with unpleasant friends, as monsters inevitably do all with GURPS Fourth Edition racial templates that let you use them as foes, as sinister Allies and cursed Alternate Forms, and even as PCs! Add the new and disturbing powers, the expanded rules for madness and corruption, and countless other updates, and you have everything you need to drag your horror campaign screaming into the 21st century.

176 black-and-white pages. Hardcover. Stock #01-1003, ISBN 978-1-55634-803-7. $29.95.
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Munchkin Zombies 2 Armed and Dangerous

Return of the (un)Living Munchkins!

Shuffle and shamble your way to victory with 112 new cards for Munchkin Zombies. Wield your Trained Attack Flies and your Prehensile Tongue against the Zombie Gamer! Be the Rankest of the Rank and use the Power of SCIENCE against the dread Survivalist. Gain a new power . . . Hungry . . . and play a new Mojo, the horrible Patchwork Zombie!

This is an expansion for Munchkin Zombies. It is not a stand-alone game.

112 cards in a tuckbox. Stock #1482, UPC 837654321171. $19.95.

Munchkin Conan the Barbarian (Booster Pack)

At last . . . the Munchkin meets the mightiest barbarian of all!

Based on the new movie, coming in Fall 2011, these cards let you wear the Mask of Acheron or the Barbarian Booties . . . wield the Sword of Corin or the Stygian Talons . . . and defeat the Sand Warriors, the hideous Dweller . . . or Khalar Zym himself!

The backs of these cards match the original fantasy-based Munchkin set, but Conan can kick monster butt in any Munchkin game!

This is an expansion for Munchkin. It is not a stand-alone game. This is NOT a collectible or randomized set. Every Munchkin Conan the Barbarian pack is the same as every other.

Conan is copyright 2011 by Conan Properties International LLC ("CPI"). CONAN, CONAN THE BARBARIAN, and related logos, characters, names, and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks or registered trademarks of CPI.

Fin-seal pack containing 15 cards. Stock #4227, UPC 837654321294. $5.95.
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+6 Bag o' Munchkin Level Counters

Stop Carrying All Those Pennies!

Six big, easy-to-read level counters for Munchkin . . . in six great Munchkin flavors! And of course there's a special rule!

Special Rule

If you are using a level counter that matches the set (or one of the sets) you are playing, start the game at Level 2 rather than Level 1! Roll the die before the game. The high roller gets to pick his level counter first. If the order matters after that, go in descending order of rolls.

Six level counters in a plastic bag. Stock #5515, UPC 837654320723. $9.99.

Munchkin Fu (Reprint)

If you loved Munchkin . . . look out. Here they come again.

"I'm a Ninja with the Dragon Tooth Katana!"
"I'm a Monk with the Sai of Spleen Mangling. Fear my Drunken Monkey Kung Fu!"
"I'm a Yakuza with a gun. Run away!"

The Munchkins are back! Now the game is chop-socky Hong Kong action. The characters are Samurai, Ninja, Yakuza, and Monks. The foes are mooks, demons, and assorted bad guys from all the worst martial arts films you've ever seen. Collect treasures and learn new styles to build up your character's powers. Kill the monsters, take their stuff, and be the first one to 10th level!

Created by Steve Jackson. Munchkin Fu is completely compatible with the entire Munchkin line.

Boxed game with 168 cards, rules, and die. Stock #1412, UPC 837654320587. $24.95.

Munchkin 3 Clerical Errors (Reprint)

Another 112 cards for the best-selling game of killing monsters and taking their stuff. Play a new race: Gnomes! Try on the Bard class. Face the Tequila Mockingbird, the Bad Ass, and the dreaded Auntie Paladin! Equip yourself with amazing items like the Chainmail Bikini and the Stab-A-Matic . . . and show them who's the mightiest, munchkinest dungeon delver of them all.

And this set has a special treat. We asked five of our favorite Comic Guys to do one card each. So in this set you'll find:

112 cards in a tuckbox. Stock #1416, UPC 837654320488. $19.95.

Munchkin 4 The Need For Steed (Reprint)

Munchkin 4 The Need for Steed is an expansion for the original Munchkin 112 more cards for killing monsters, stealing treasure, and backstabbing your fellow players. This set introduces Steeds, the trusty mounts of legend . . . Oh, wait this is Munchkin! So these Steeds include not just the Dragon and the Tiger, but the Giant Mutant Gerbil (drawn by guest artist Shaenon K. Garrity of Narbonic), the Chicken, and Big Joe, who might be a Steed or might be a Hireling. It's hard to tell.

Hireling? Yes indeed, The Need for Steed has lots and lots of Hirelings, who look quite a bit like Sidekicks from Super Munchkin, or Minions from Munchkin Bites! Add these valuable characters to your retinue, use their special abilities, and sacrifice them to save your own skin!

Feel the need . . . The Need for Steed! (Now with full-color art!)

112 cards and rulesheet in a tuckbox. Stock #1444, UPC 837654320631. $19.95.

W 2 3 

In Nomine: Fall of the Malakim

Welcome to Los Angeles, City of Demons

L.A. is run by the forces of Hell, and any angels there exist at the whim of the demonic elite. But the demons are about to find out what happens when you push a Malakite too far . . .

Fall of the Malakim is Book Four of The Revelations Cycle for the In Nomine roleplaying game. In addition to an in-depth look at Los Angeles and its celestial denizens, Fall of the Malakim contains extended Superior write-ups for David and Lilith, introduces the rare Bright Lilim, and contains two complete adventures, "The Premiere" and "Fall of the Malakim."

You will need the In Nomine basic rulebook to play. Books One, Two, and Three of The Revelations Cycle (Night Music, The Marches, and Heaven and Hell) are useful but not necessary.

131-page PDF. Stock #30-3308, $7.99.
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Pyramid #3/34: Alternate GURPS

The Tweak-ist Link

When it comes to helping craft exactly the kind of game you want, GURPS has choices galore. This month's Pyramid -- the PDF magazine for roleplayers -- is dedicated to optional tweaks and techniques that shake up the system, adding new possibilities or challenging the underlying assumptions of the game. This issue's molecular manipulations include:

  • "Alternate Spaceships," a look at modifications to the wildly popular GURPS Spaceships system. Written by that series' mastermind, David Pulver, this feature includes interesting tweaks, new systems, variant design features, and more.
  • "A New Take on Grappling," a radical revision that unifies and expands the grappling system from the GURPS Basic Set and GURPS Martial Arts. Get hands on!
  • "When We Were Very Small," an examination of the smaller side of GURPS. This "little" tweak includes a big table of over 100 tiny troublemakers.
  • "Extreme Damage," this month's Eidetic Memory offering from GURPS Fourth Edition co-author David Pulver. What happens when people, objects, and explosions get really big?
  • "Ten Tweaks to Customize Combat," a handful of new and expanded options for when baddies bring on the battle.
  • "A Deck of Dice," which replaces the fundamental resolution mechanic for GURPS with a simple suggestion . . . thus opening up new possibilities!
  • "Armor Revisited," a look at how to introduce variability to the defensive side of the fray.

This Pyramid also presents Steven Marsh's Random Thought Table, a GURPS-flavored Murphy's Rules, and more. With this issue, we encourage you to break the rules!

34-page PDF. Stock #37-2634, $7.99.
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Cthulhu Sherpa Case

Have you seen the mark of Cthulhu? Now control . . . the marker of Cthulhu!

This solid metal case turns a regular disposable pen or marker into a designer writing tool. The Cthulhu Sherpa will last for YEARS. Unless you put it down and take your eyes off it. In that case, it will probably be gone in 60 seconds. It's that cool.

It's purple. Very purple. It carries the image of Great Cthulhu and the "Game Over / Cthulhu Wins" slogan. A perfect gift for the cultist in your life . . . or gloat over it yourself!

The Cthulhu Sherpa is available in VERY limited quantities: We made 250, but some of those are reserved for staff, prizes, and so on. Because it's a bigger print run than the original Munchkin Sherpa, it costs only $40. It includes a purple marker. Get one now before they're gone!

Sherpa is a trademark of the Paradise Pen Company.

Metal marker case (Sharpie included). Stock #5205, $40.00.
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Cthulhu Shot Glass

Cthulhu Dice is not a drinking game . . . but now you can drink in style with the Cthulhu Shot Glass. These 1.5 oz shot glasses feature a spectacular effect that shimmers as Cthulhu stares at you from the side of the glass. Buy one for yourself or buy a set for your next party so that everyone can go insane together.

One 1.5 oz shot glass. Stock #9014C, $3.00.

Cthulhu Shot Glass

Cthulhu Dice is not a drinking game . . . but now you can drink in style with the Cthulhu Shot Glass. These 1.5 oz. shot glasses are Black with a Gold Cthulhu. Beware -- each drink will steal your sanity. Buy one for yourself or buy a set for your next party so that everyone can go insane together.

One 1.5 oz shot glass. Stock #9014D, $4.00.

GURPS Psi-Tech

Where GURPS Psionic Powers brought you powers of the mind, GURPS Psis presented the people who wield them, and GURPS Psionic Campaigns showed how to build settings around those elements, GURPS Psi-Tech is your gateway to the realm of psionic technology. It explores the paranormal interface between mind and machine ... everything from the tools of real-world parapsychologists to the wildest gadgets of science fiction and fantasy. Within you'll find rules for psychotronic gadgetry and bio-psi technology that can enhance or counter psi powers at any tech level, along with guidelines for fitting them into your campaign. Whether your adventure features fantasy mentalists using herbs and crystals to boost their abilities, modern-day conspirators hacking out brains and putting psi-suppressants in the water, or super-gadgeteers and future-folk wielding psionic death rays and amplifier helmets, you've come to the right store to shop.

43-page PDF. Stock #37-1665, $9.99.
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GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 14: Psi

The Mind Defined!

When you're roaming through a dungeon and you meet something elemental, transcendental, or hell-bental on destruction . . . it's time to get mental!

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 14: Psi lets you introduce the power of the mind to any Dungeon Fantasy campaign. Written by GURPS mastermind Sean Punch, this supplement offers:

  • Two dozen psionic abilities, including Battlesense, Levitation, and Transdimensional Sight.
  • The mentalist profession, a 250-point template with customization notes for six different approaches.
  • Lenses that add any of the core GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 1: Dungeons possibilities to the mentalist -- plus a lens that adds mentalist abilities to any other template!
  • Power-ups that augment the masters of mental might, such as Bonded Creature, Elder Lore, and Death Possession.
  • A look at psionics in the campaign, including how it interacts with magic, what effect it has in combat, and how it intersects with dungeon-dwelling danger.
  • Things that threaten with the power of thought. Beware the psionic encounter table and nine new mentalist-menacing monsters!
  • Incredible gear especially suitable for psis, such as telekinetic's webbing, hypno-discs, and the powerful pyramid hat.

With this thought-provoking tome, you get everything you need to bring mental mayhem into your Dungeon Fantasy campaign. Get GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 14: Psi, so you can get your head in the game!

47-page PDF. Stock #37-0324, $9.99.
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Munchkin Zombies Removable Thumb Drive

Once per game, you may remove a monster from combat; place the Monster card in your hand. It grants neither levels nor treasure. If this was the only monster in the fight, the combat ends immediately. The current player may Loot The Room, but may not Look For Trouble.

One 2 GB thumb drive. Stock #5535, $20.00.

Munchkin 10th Anniversary Shot Glass (Reprint)

Munchkin is not a drinking game. Really.

But don't let that stop you from showing your love of Munchkin with the Munchkin 10th Anniversary Shot Glass. These 1.5 oz glasses are black with the Munchkin 10th Anniversary logo in gold. It's a treasure that any munchkin would be happy to find in his dungeon haul . . . especially since they come with a special rule.

Munchkin 10th Anniversary Shot Glass Rule

The Munchkin 10th Anniversary Shot Glass may be used in any Munchkin game or its sequels.

When fighting a monster on your turn, you may take one complete shot of Strength Potion* from the Munchkin 10th Anniversary Shot Glass to get a +10 combat bonus. You may do this as many times as you like during a game, but every drink of Strength Potion after the first costs you a level. You may only benefit from one Strength Potion per combat.

* The owner of the Shot Glass is the sole judge of what liquid(s) will make up the Strength Potion.

One 1.5 oz shot glass. Stock #5530, $4.00.

New!  * Coming September  * Coming October  * Coming November  * Further Out  * Previously Shipped...  * All upcoming releases – text only, no cover art

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